From the film “Gintama The Final” (currently in theaters), acrylic stands inspired by Sakata Gintoki and others in the world of fairytales have arrived. There are 5 designs in the line up including Sakata Gintoki, Hijikata Toushirou, Okita Sougo, Takasugi Shinsuke, and Kamui. Pre-orders are currently available on “Character Depart”.

“Gintama The Final” is based on “Gintama”, a manga that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and has over 55 million copies in circulation. It is the latest anime series of the “Gintama” anime, which is widely known for pretending to end several times. This is the 3rd and final film of the anime series that has continued for 15 years.

The fairytale-like acrylic stands (5 designs in total) are inspired by the film, “Gintama The Final”.
Gintama’s playful spirit can be seen in the designs such as Sakata Gintoki as Snow White eating a poisoned apple and Hijikata Toushirou as Hensel dropping mayonnaise as he walks.

“Acrylic Stand Fairytale Style Gintama The Final (5 designs)” is priced at 1,500 JPY each (tax excluded). Pre-orders are available on “Character Depart” until February 4, 2021, and shipping is scheduled for March 2021.

(C) Sorachi Hideaki / Gintama the Movie Production Committee