From episode 3 of “Bokura Teki Niha Risou No Rakugo”, a new sense of TV program where Nakajima Yoshiki, Itou Kento, Tsuchida Reiou, and Sakakihara Yuuki appear, synopsis, cutscene, and behind the scene shots have been revealed.

“Bokura Teki Niha Risou No Rakugo” is a new sense of entertainment featuring Rakugo, where Nakajima, Itou, Tsuchida, and Sakakihara pretend to be Fudanshi and perform Rakugo in pairs.
Nakajima as Mousoutei Yoroshiki, Itou as Mousoutei Waon, Tsuchida as Mousoutei Agari, and Sakakihara as Mousoutei Takemaru belong to ‘Mousoutei’, a family known for BL Rakugo, and Morikawa Toshiyuki serve as a narrator and their teacher.

In episode 3 ‘Mayumaru no Kitsune’, as Yoroshiki is looking at something at the cafe, Agari follows that direction and finds Mifuyu smiling with Taiga. Mifuyu seems mysterious and hard to approach, but Taiga with a friendly nature is getting closer to him.

Are they like a fox and dog playing together? Or a fox thinking how to bewitch him and wolf eyeing its prey…?
While Yoroshiki and Agari looking at them with such an atmosphere, they begin to associate the situation with Rakugo “Ouji no Kitsune”.

“Bokura Teki Niha Risou No Rakugo” also known as “Bokulaku” is currently broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS 4.