Radio broadcasts started in 1925 in Japan. The media has almost 100 years of history since then.

In recent years, Radiko, a service with which you can listen to radio programs online, has gained popularity, and many anime-related programs are being broadcast. Many of you may have a special place in your heart for the radio.

Voice actors, who usually give life to characters, sometimes appear on radio programs as the host. Since we can hear about their work and even some stories from their private life, the voice actors’ radio programs are quite a popular show.

We at Anime!Anime! decided to conduct a readers’ survey asking, “Which Voice Actor Do You Want to See as a Radio Personality?”. All voice actors, with or without experience as a radio personality, were included in this survey.
There were 171 votes received during the voting period from November 29 to December 6.
The voters were mainly female with a gender ratio of 20% male to 80% female, and the age range was on the younger side with 40% being under 19, and 30% in their 20s.

■Various requests from solo programs to co-starring programs!
1st Place
Topping the list was Furukawa Makoto-san with roughly 10% of the votes.

Several readers said, “He doesn’t have a solo radio program, so I’d like to see him talking alone.” Other comments were, “I like how Furukawa-san thinks and want to hear more. He’s good at expanding on topics so I’d like to hear him in a solo program,” and “Since he’s releasing his first album, I want a program to hear Furukawa-san’s in-depth stories about music,” showing that many fans wanted programs that unveil his personal thoughts.

2nd Place
Coming in 2nd was Shimoto Hiro-san.

He received comments saying, “I feel refreshed and energized when hearing him laughing and reacting to things.” There were also comments talking about their memories since he has been on many radio programs, “I’ll never forget the chemistry he had with Tadokoro Azusa-san when co-starring on ‘Tantei Phantom Scoop’. The program lightens up both my body and soul!”, and “I want “Radio Misty”, the legendary program he was on with Kaji Yuuki-kun, to come back!”

3rd Place
3rd place went to Fukuyama Jun-san.

He received many comments saying they want more of his solo programs and co-staring programs, “Fukuyama Jun-san’s casual tone is so soothing. I’d love to see him choose topics on his own and just keep going on about it,” “JunJun is quick-witted and super funny!” and “I really enjoyed him teaming up with Sakurai Takahiro-san in ‘Code Geass: Lulu Kuru Station’. I’d love to hear them talk again.”

Since the voters were mainly female in this survey, the voice actors who ranked high were predominantly male. Of course, there were votes for voice actresses. For Hayashibara Megumi-san, “‘Tokyo Boogie Night’ is a place of relief for Megu-san fans.” For Hikasa Youko-san, “She’s been a radio personality since her debut, so she’s great at running shows even if it’s a live program. Guests won’t be a problem either, since she’s in good relations with many actors!” For Nanjou Yoshino-san, “I was just thinking I wanted to listen to Nanjou-san’s radio again, when I heard there’s going to be a new program starting from the New Year. Congratulations on the new program!”

Many readers said they got interested in voice actors from anime related radio programs saying, “I want to hear the voice actors, who co-starred in previous programs, exchange conversations again,” and also comments saying they want programs that dig deeper about themselves, “I wonder how they would talk if they’re alone.”

■Top 20
[Which Voice Actor Do You Want to See as a Radio Personality? ]
1. Furukawa Makoto
2. Shimono Hiro
3. Fukuyama Jun
4. Sugita Tomokazu
4. Nakamura Yuuichi
6. Hanae Natsuki
7. Kimura Ryouhei
8. Ishida Akira
8. Kaji Yuuki
8. Kamiya Hiroshi
8. Kasai Kengo
8. Konishi Katsuyuki
8. Saitou Souma
8. TOyonaga Toshiyuki
8. Hayami Saori
16. Asanuma Shintarou
16. Ishikawa Kaito
16. Irino Miyu
16. Uchiyama Kouki
16. Kobayashi Yuusuke
16. Sakura Ayane
16. Shimazaki Nobunaga
16. Nanjou Yoshino
16. Nishiyama Koutarou
16. Hayashibara Megumi
16. Hikasa Youko

(Voting Period: November 29 to December 6, 2020)