The storyline and preview of the 3rd episode of the TV anime “Akudama Drive”, “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” (to be broadcast on Thursday, October 22, 2020), has been released.

“Akudama Drive” is an original crime action anime produced by Pierrot, Too Kyo Games, and the duo that worked together on the “Dangan Ronpa” series, Kodaka Kazutaka as writer and Komatsuzaki Rui as character designer.
A long time ago, a war broke out between Kantou and Kansai, causing the world to split. Kansai became a vassal state of Kantou and developed in its own unique way. However, the government and police were losing their power, and crime was spreading. Those criminals are called Akudama…

Episode 3 was titled “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE”.
After escaping the raid of the Execution Division, the Akudamas finally reach “Black Cat”‘s hideout.
They were reinformed of the details of the attack on the Shinkansen. The plan was to break through the tight security of the Kansai Station and raid the Shinkansen within a limited time.

The plan may cost her life, and realizing she may become a true “Akudama”, the “Civilian” is in despair.
Moreover, her mission was crucial to the plan…

TV anime “Akudama Drive” Episode 3, “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” will be broadcast on BS Nippon TV, TOKYO MX, and other channels from 11:30 P.M., Thursday, October 22.

(C)Pierrot, Too Kyo Games / Akudama Drive Production Committee