The video streaming application “Anime Beans”, managed by Production I.G, will start the video contents service from mid-December 2020. The first release is “Mono x voice” featuring the voice actors, including Komada Wataru, Kamio Shinichirou, and Nishiyama Koutarou, acting as “Mono (thing)” and with the theme of “Let’s Laugh”.

The script for all the episodes of “Mono x voice” series is written by the 4 comedians affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo, which are Ikeda Kazuma (Shizuru), Kodama Tomohiro (Saru Gorilla), Matsuhashi Shuutarou, and Tai (Yasashiizu). It is a Manzai (two-person comedy act)-style voice drama that contains a total of 4 series: “Things at School”, “Things at Office”, “Things at Home”, and “Home Electronic Application”, with 3 episode per series.

The contents will feature 6 voice actors, which are Komada Wataru, Kamio Shinichirou, Nishiyama Koutarou, Sagamasa Mitsuhiro, Sakakihara Yuuki, and Tsuchida Reiou, acting as various “Mono”.

The streaming of “Mono x voice” will start from mid-December. Further information is available on the official Twitter.

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