Kubota Miyu, the voice actress for Asaka Karin from “Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club” and an active member of the idol and voice actress hybrid group, “i☆Ris”, will release her first digital photo compilation titled “One way ticket” on December 25. The compilation gives readers a taste of a trip to Hakone with just Kubota within a full volume containing 100 pages with additional comments from Kubota herself.

Kubota debuted as a member of “i☆Ris”, a voice actress idol group, in 2012. Her voice acting career consists of roles such as Houjou Sophie from “PriPara” series, Shane from “Grimm Notes The Animation”, Medusa from “Dropkick on My Devil!” and Asaka Karin from the “Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club” that is currently broadcasting. The popularity of her solo career can be seen from a sold-out of her solo live at the Main Arena of Musashino Forest Sport Plaza and her first photo compilation published in 2019 titled “Miyu” is slated for additional printing.

Her first digital photo compilation titled “One way Ticket” was created with the concept of “A Hakone trip with just the two of us”. The title was created with the hopes of “always being together with Kubota Miyu”, hoping to showcase her mysterious appeal to fans.

The photoshoot was held in a travel inn in Hakone that boasts subliminal nature views brimming with emotion over a span of 3 days, including famous locations in Hakone such as the Hakone Tozan Railway and Lake Ashinoko, and a variety of situational shots, such as a barbeque, etc. In addition to the book containing about a 100 pages, it also includes Kubota in about 11 types of outfits ranging from a neat dress, casual wear, sexy pajama wear to yukata, etc. It is indeed a book that gives readers a “One way Ticket” to Kubota as it immerses them in a holiday trip experience with her.

In addition, Kubota’s official LINE account (@kubota_miyu) has been started on November 26. The latest news can be found on this account as well as limited Line videos and images from Kubota herself. There are also plans to test and create a LINE account that will simulate texting with Kubota herself in the works. To commemorate the sale of the photo compilation, a special event where fans are able to receive a LINE limited comment image from Kubota herself upon commenting the title of the photo compilation. Furthermore, fans are advised to check out the account as bonus behind the scenes shots might be available.

【Kubota Miyu】
The photoshoot this time was in Hakone but going to the tourist spots and relaxing at the inn was really fruitful! Other than the shots of me having fun, there were some really tasteful and artistic shots that were both formal and informal and better than the first photoshoot – I hope everyone will enjoy seeing both sides of me! As it is a digital photo compilation, everyone will be able to enjoy Adult Kubota, cute Kubota, and all the different versions of me anywhere and anytime. I hope everyone enjoys it!