Studio Live, an old-established anime production studio known for ”Mashin Hero Wataru”‘s design, marked 1st anniversary on cloud funding started to create an original animation.

Studio Live started the cloud funding called “Studio Live☆Fun Club” in Nov. 2019. They provided a postcard and original autograph board based on the imageboard following the original anime’s plot as an every-month gift, and they continue to increase the applicants every month.

They created character design, setting, the construction of the world’s view, and basic scenario together with the participants.
Moreover, as the collaboration with music providing service “with+m”, the studio received the theme song, and they seem to progress step by step toward the completion of the project.

They decided to provide the original illustration collection written by CEO Kamishina Hiroshi and other studio members as the commemoration for 1st anniversary to the participants in order to appreciate and ask for continuing support for the project.

In addition, the live painting of the 1st-anniversary illustration will be held at official YouTube Live, which is held every month. This 1st-anniversary illustration will be used as the returned product for November’s postcard, and this postcard will have a foil stamping on the logo as a special feature.