The world’s first online exhibition of the anime based on “serial experiments lain” will be held at “Anique” from October 28, 2020.

The theme of this project, “laine 2020 eXhibition”, is the cult work “serial experiments lain”, which was broadcast in 1998 and still has deep-rooted support, and the contents of the exhibition will be expanded by the participants.

The idea is that if you post your own illustrations, photos, novels, music, videos and other material related to “lain” on Twitter with the hashtag “#lain2020”, your work will be displayed.
In addition, if you submit a video or audio file of your love for “Iain” or a commentary on “Iain” through the special form, your voice will be processed and mixed with the voices of the creators of “Iain” to be played as a supplementary voice (RUMORS) at the exhibition.

To celebrate “lain 2020 eXhibition”, a digital collection with a certificate of ownership is also available for purchase.
There is a lineup of special items such as the virtual figure (VRM) of “lain” and other items that you can keep forever, both digitally and in real life. For more details, visit the special page.

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