The legendary cult anime, 「serial experiments lain」 is used as the theme of the pop-up store, 「serial experiments lain X Artist Collaboration Collection POP UP Store Ver.1.50」, will open at Tokyo Nakano Broadway's Chaos Market starting from Nov. 21st.

Other than the new items created from the collaboration with various artists, an exhibition will also be held.

With this event, the offically licenced apparel brand "MESSE",cyberpunk specialists "Nestorarts" and NUMBER3", creators of the 「Ghost in the Shell」 are included as the collaboration artist.

Additional artists include CHAOS MARKET, promoting the concept of "creating a new fashion scene in Nakano", and Sakurai Kenta (ekoms), who is the music creator for Maison Book Girl andproducer for the idol group Qumali Depart, which is the five artist involved in the collaboration.

Merchandise such as short and long sleeve t-shirts, embroidered hoodie, and caps adopting the characters and motifs of 「serial experiments lain」 will be availabled for the duration of the pop-up store.

「serial experiments lain×Artist Collaboration Collection POP UP STORE Ver.1.50」 will be open from Nov. 11th to Dec. 22nd at Tokyo Nakano Broadway's Chaos Market.

Additionally, a present campaign is planned on MESSA STORE's Twitter and Instagram for the duration of the pop-up store.
Ten winners will be selected to receive a special colored paper with the signatures of members of the 「serial experiments lain」 staff, including Shimizu Kaori (Iwakura Lain's Voice Actor), Abe Yoshitobi (Character Designer), Konaka Chiaki (Script Writer), Chikada Wasei (JJ's Voice Actor) and Takimoto Hiroto (Tarou's Voice Actor).

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