The legendary cult anime [serial experiments lain]’s third fan event [CLUB CYBERIA Layer:03] will be held at the [SOUND MUSEUM VISION] on Nov. 16 in Shibuya, Tokyo.
There will be talk session with people involved in the work, Abe Yoshitoshi’s live painting and a pop-up store for the apparel brand [MESSA], [serial experiments lain x Artist Collaboration Collection POP UP STORE Ver.1.30] will also be open.

In [CLUB CYBERIA Layer:03], Abe Yoshitoshi, the character designer for [serial experiments lain]’s, will perform a live painting. There will also be a talk session with Abe, Konaka Chiaki (screenwriter), Shimizu Kaori (voice of Iwakura Lain) and Takimoto Keito (voice of Taro). It will be very exciting for fans to be able to hear precious information about the work.

Furthermore, DJ WASEI “JJ” CHIKADA, voice actor of the DJ JJ in the club and cafe [Cyberia] in the anime, will hold a DJ LIVE MIX performance in the image of [serial experiments lain].
At the venue, WASEI “JJ” CHIKADA’s new CD [Cyberia Layer:03] with an image of [serial experiments lain] will be pre sold through the [messa store] and the official licensed apparel, [lain POP UP STORE ver.1.30] in [CHAOS MARKET] and exhibition zone will also appeared.

In addition, all visitors will receive a [Club Cyberia] special rubber band and a main visual postcard (non-credit version) by illustrator Akima.

[serial experiments lain]’s 3rd fan event, [CLUB CYBERIA Layer:03], will be held on 13:30 Nov. 16 at [SOUND MUSEUM VISION] in Shibuya, Tokyo. The ticket price is 3500 yen and is available through the digital ticket site [Pass Market].