It was decided that “MAMORU MIYANO Joy Mamoru Supporting Screening Event ~BLAZING!~” with Miyano Mamoru appearing live, will be screened in JOYSOUND’s “Miru Hako”. It can be watched for free on nationwide karaoke stores in November 23.

This screening is an event to hype up the fans toward the online live “MAMORU MIYANO STUDIO LIVE ~STREAMING!~” that will be held on December 12.

Along with the special digest trailer that was chosen strictly from his first Asian tour “MAMORU MIYANO ASIA LIVE TOUR 2019 ~BLAZING! ~” with a total of 14 concerts in 10 cities, including Taiwan and Shanghai, last year, Miyano Mamoru himself will appear live before and after the screening and he will talk about his memory of “BLAZING!” as well as his enthusiasm toward his first online live.

This is a must-see for fans as it contains not only the live performance that has shaken Asia, but also the exclusive talk that can only be seen here. With the tremendous audio and video of the karaoke room, you will be able to enjoy it as if you are in the actual concert.

“MAMORU MIYANO Joy Mamoru Supporting Screening Event ~BLAZING! ~” will start from 1 PM, November 23. The free screening is available at nationwide karaoke stores that have “JOYSOUND MAX GO”.