From “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland”, a new animation CM of ‘Scary Monsters! -Screaming halloween show-‘, which is held for a limited time, has been released.

“Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” is an academy adventure game, focusing on truth of the “villains” from various Disney franchises. Toboso Yana, known for “Black Butler”, handles the original plan, main scenario, and character design with the cooperation of Walt Disney Japan.

CloverWorks handled the creation of the new animation CM video as before. The narration has three varieties, which are ‘Cater & Grim ver.’ by Kobayashi Tatsuyuki as Cater Diamond and Sugiyama Noriaki as Grim, ‘Jade & Grim ver.’ by Komaba Wataru as Jade Leech and Grim, and ‘Vil & Grim ver.’ by Aiba Hiroki as Vil Schoenheit and Grim.

The TVCM of “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” is currently broadcast. The Game is available on iOS and Android.

(C)Disney. Published by Aniplex