To celebrate the release of “Magical Doremi” 20th-anniversary film “Looking for Magical Doremi” (premiering on Nov. 13, 2020), the film will be collaborating with “ViVi” December issue (to be released on Oct. 23). It has an interview with the actress Morikawa Aoi, who tried voice acting for the first time, and a collaboration illustration by the creator, Kemio.

In the “ViVi” December issue, “Magical Doremi” will be collaborating with “House of Hibiscus”, serialized by the creator Kemio. He said he “loved Magical Doremi more than Beyblade”, in his book, expressing how much the title meant to him as a child. To respond to his love, a special illustration, “Magical Kemio”, has been drawn, and he collaborated with Doremi and her friends in 2D.

Also, the magazine includes an interview with the creator of the “Doremi” series, producer Seki, and a special feature taking selfies with Doremi and her friends, titled “What will the magical girls post on Instagram?”, an unordinary collaboration between 2D and 3D.

In addition, there is an interview with Morikawa Aoi, who tried voice acting for the first time in the film “Looking for Magical Doremi”.
The regular issue comes with a gift of “Magical Doremi Special Sticker”.

“ViVi” December issue is scheduled to be released on Oct. 23.

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