A special video of “Looking for Magical Doremi”, which was released on November 13, 2020, featuring the ending theme song, “Owaranai Monogatari (Looking for Magical Doremi Ver.)” has been released.

“Looking for Magical Doremi” is a film created in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of “Magical Doremi”. As children, we all believed that “magic” existed. This is a story of the heroines, who hit a wall called reality and stopped believing in “magic” as they grew up. The film depicts the “friends”, who bonded over their common interest, the TV show Magical Doremi, going on a journey, visiting the places related to “Magical Doremi”, and finding out what is truly important to them.

In this newly released trailer, the ending theme sung by Segawa Onpu (voiced by Shishido Rumi), “Owaranai Monogatari (Looking for Magical Doremi Ver.)”, has been revealed for the first time. The images portray the “magic for the grownups”.

The film “Looking for Magical Doremi” is currently in theaters throughout Japan.

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