The movie “Looking for Magical DoReMi” will be finally released nationwide from November 13, 2020. This work is dedicated to the 20th-anniversary of the “Magical DoReMi” series that has been broadcast from 1999 to 2003.

Here, at Anime! Anime! to collect memories of “Magical DoReMi” we conducted a survey “‘Magical DoReMi’and I”… share your memories related to this series! ” During the survey period from November 1 to November 8, we received responses from 62 people.
The male-female ratio is about 16% for males and about 84% for females. About 16% of the age group were minors, about 66% in their 20s, and about 10% in their 30s.

■A memorable “that” story about… A voice of sympathy for specific stories and episodes ♪

In the survey we conducted this time, we received many comments about the specific stories and episodes of the “Magical DoReMi” series that still remain in fans’ memory.
Here, we have picked up some stories and comments that left an impression on many people.

Full comments are below

● “In the final episode of MUJI, the scene where Onpu-chan uses forbidden magic makes my cry” (36 years old, male, office worker)

● “‘Magical DoReMi Na-i-sho”s episode ‘The Seventh Witch Apprentice ~Non-chan’s Secret~'” (23 years old, female)

● “I rewatched a final episode of” Magical DoReMi # “many times. It conveys the feelings of the four mothers for Hana-chan. And thinking about the feelings of Pop and Majolica, I can’t watch it without tears “(23 years old, female, audio production)

● “I think, “DoReMi and the Witch That Stopped Being a Witch” is the culmination of the whole story of the Magical DoReMi series” (44 years old, male)

● “I still remember the scene of the final episode of season 4 (“Magical DoReMi Dokkan!”), where Doremi-chan stands in Maho-dou, even though I was at kindergarten then!” (24 years old, female)

● “The scene in which Doremi-chan shuts herself up in Maho-dou in the final episode reminds me of my graduation. Even though I was young, I sympathized with those feelings because I wouldn’t want to say goodbye to my friends. (25 years old, female, freelancer)

● “I like the story of Nagato Kayoko because I had an experience of refusing to go to school, so I understand the pain and regret and watching the scenes where she came to school and made a roll call in the infirmary or to the scene where everyone supports her entering the class, I cry with words, “Kayoko-chan, you did well…”. “(22 years old, female, freelancer)

● “In the 2nd ep. of ‘Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho’, Momo-chan and her American classmates made brownies that looked delicious, and I remember thinking that I really wanted to eat them.” ( 19 years old, female, college student)

● “I like the story of Ai-chan’s father’s formal marriage interview the best” (19 years old, female)

There are some important memories ♪ Some of the dusty stories about the family and merchandise we watched together.

Next, we would like to introduce some of your precious memories related to ” Magical DoReMi”. All the comments were full of passion but we were able to choose only some of them.

Comments are below

● “I was still in kindergarten when “Magical DoReMi Dokkan!” was broadcast. I wasn’t a morning person, but only on Sundays I got up earlier than anyone else in my family and hit my parents awake (laughs) “(22 years old, female, student)

● “My family and relatives were all older and girls, and I was younger, so I was always losing the channel battle with my sisters and forced to watch ” Magical DoReMi”. At first I didn’t really care about it, but Doremi-chan, who works hard for everyone else, became as longing as the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders at that time”(25 years old, man)

● “I think, the first time I watched ‘ Magical DoReMi’ was when I was at kindergarten. I lived abroad at that time, and I was repeatedly watching the final episode of “Magical DoReMi Dokkan!” recorded on a video I brought from Japan.” (20 years old, female, University student)

● “Doremi-chan, Hazuki-chan, and Ai-chan came to me at some hotel, and I took a picture with them and got signatures. I still keep these important pictures and signatures at my parents’ house.” (25 years old, female, hospitality business)

● “When I was a child, I thought it was a story of the real world, and somewhere in my heart I believed that I could be a witch, so I tried chanting the spell aloud in a place without my parents. After reuniting with Doremi-chan in my 20s, I’ve been energized by chanting the Kossori spell again when I’m having a hard time at work. “(25 years old, female, hotelier)

● “When I was a kid, I was often hospitalized and discharged, and whenever it was decided I was to be hospitalized, my mother always brought Hana-chan’s doll to me. I played songs on cassette tapes, watched anime on TV, and that was my hospital life routine. When I saw Doremi-chan, I remembered that time. It always supported me.” (22 years old, female)

● “The first bicycle I had with training wheels was Doremi-chan’s bicycle. Even when I removed the training wheels, Doremi-chan supported me, so I desperately thought that she becomes my older sister, while I practiced riding a bicycle “(22 years old, female, part-time worker)

● “When I was a kid, I went to see Doremi-chan’s show with my family, I got stuffed animals from an arcade, bought toys, asked for a chatting computer pastry chef diary at Christmas and cried because Santa didn’t give me it, so I have too many memories to write in 200 characters! “(25 years old, female)

“Magical DoReMi” is timeless! Votes that feel “love” come from a wide range of generations ♪

Last we picked up some comments from a wide range of generations to commemorate the “Magical DoReMi” series’s 20th-anniversary of broadcasting.
You can see that people of various generations, such as those who are watching with two generations of parents and children, and junior high school students who are addicted to watching it for the first time with a video streaming service, meet ” Magical DoReMi” in various ways.

Comments are below

● “I watched the whole series in my late 20s. About 10 years later, my daughter was born. I wanted to talk about ” Magical DoReMi” together, so I recorded it with CS from a young age. (Laughs). Now, we are reading from 16 to 20 of the Novelized version together “(49 years old, female, self-employed)

● “I wasn’t born at the time of the first broadcast, and when I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I saw the re-broadcast and came across this work. Through this work, I learned that it is important to take good care of friends and family.”(20 years old, female)

● “It reminds me of my deceased mother. We had completely different hobbies and tastes and ‘ Magical DoReMi’ was the only thing we enjoyed together” (22 years old, female)

● “I was an adult at the time of the first broadcast, but it reminded me about my dreams, hopes, and the importance of my friends. I learned again many things that I had forgotten as an adult.” (58 years old, female) Temporary staff)

● “When I was little, I watched the rebroadcast of ‘Magical DoReMi’! Most of the teachers in my school are of the Magical DoReMi’s generation, and when we talk, ‘Magical DoReMi’ usually came up in the conversation!” (15 years old, female, student)

● “I think that now that I’m a member of society, I often watch it when times are hard. The casual words of Doremi-chan heals my heart.” (22 years old, female, office worker)

● “It is no exaggeration to say that I shared my youth with them and I’m the same generation as DoReMi. Please continue to deliver happy and lucky magic to us ♪” (30 years old, female)


As mentioned above, we wanted to introduce some of the comments received from you. All the comments we received were full of love for the ” Magical DoReMi” series.
Among them, it was impressive that many respondents said that even after becoming an adult ” Magical DoReMi” still gives inspiration to them.

To commemorate the 20th-anniversary of the “Magical DoReMi” series, the movie “Looking for Magical DoReMi” will be released in cinemas from November 13.
Whether you’ve always been a fan or you just discovered it, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to watch it at the theater.

In addition, a special broadcast of the TV anime ” Magical DoReMi” will be held on Toei Channel from November to December. 20 episodes of the best episodes of gems carefully selected from all 4 seasons will be on-air, so don’t forget to check it out!

Thank you very much for your many responses!