Kohaku from “Dr.STONE” has become a figure under the “Gals Series”. Pre-ordered are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

The product “Gals Series Dr.STONE Kohaku” is a figure of the proclaimed strongest in the village, Kohaku in the acrobatic posture. The blonde hair, the 11.0 eyesight with the blue iris, the shield given by her father, and the particulars of her clothing are all re-created in details.
Furthermore, as an option parts, it will come with “Suika”.

“Gals Series Dr.STONE Kohaku” is priced at 12,980 JPY (tax excluded). Pre-ordered are currently available at “Premium Bandai” and the shipping is scheduled for Jan. 2021.

(C)Kome Studio, Boichi/Shueisha, Dr.STONE Production Committee