The perfume inspired by Ishigami Senku, Ooki Taiju from the TV anime “Dr.STONE” is here. It will be released to each “primaniacs” store from Sep. 18, 2020.

For Ishigami Senku, the fragrance is based on “The finger that will create the world, the smart Shipley note that contains unlimited possibilities”. The fragrance was created with a cool and intelligent smell as if the enormous knowledge and passion for science are hidden within it.

For Shishiou Tsukasa, the fragrance is based on “The fist that seeks for paradise, the magnificently spread spicy fougere note”. This is a powerful clove and manly fragrance where bravery and power can be felt. The overflowing unpolished energy that will surely move people heart with its tremendous existence.

Other than that, there is also the Ooki Taiju model where the fragrance is created from the profound eucalyptus to bring out the big-hearted surrounded with strength, and quiet & mysterious Asagiri Gen model as if will slip out the hand after grabbing it.

“Dr.STONE” Fragnance is priced at 5,417 JPY (tax excluded) each. It will be released at each “primaniacs” store from Sep. 18, 2020.

(C)Kome Studio・Boichi/Shueisha・Dr.STONE Production Committee