The MX4D stage greeting and screening event of the movie “The Magnificent Kotobuki Complete Edition” ( to be released on Sep. 11, 2020) was held on Sep. 2 at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku. Director Mizushima Tsutomu and Suzushiro Sayumi, a voice actress who played Kylie, greeted the audience live from another venue and talked about moments of the MX4D version production and new added scenes.

In this screening event, the movements of the seat were coordinated with the actions of the fighters on the screen according to unique MX4D version technology, the vibration of the engine transmitted from the seat, and the smell of floating pancakes, the atmosphere of the final battle when everything moved like a rollercoaster, and after enjoying the movie with all 5 senses, stage greetings by director Mizushima and Suzushiro started.

When the host, Chiaki Matsuzawa, asked them “What is your current feeling of showing the MX4D version to your fans?”, Mizushima answered, “When I saw it in the MX4D test, it was like being in Toshima park from morning to night, and my body felt light as if I had ridden the Flying Pirates five times! (laughs). I would be happy if the feelings of everyone who watched it today will be comfortable.”
Suzushiro, who had only experienced part of the experience earlier, added, “Even though I experienced only a part of it, I like the pleasant feeling of fatigue and fun, so honestly, I envy everyone who enjoyed the whole story.”

Moreover, this time, Director Mizushima for the first time in 15 years talked on the stage. He explained , “Until now, I have been doing several movie projects, so I had several offers, but I put aside my main business and refrained from doing it. However, I can't stay withdrawn forever, so I've appeared today for the first time in a long time.”
Hearing this story, Suzushiro-san said, “It's been 15 years since I've had this rare opportunity, so I've been fidgety all day,” and spoke of her joy at being able to stand with the director to greet the stage.

In addition, answering the question, “This work is perfect for MX4D, but what did you want to do with the movie version?”, Mizushima revealed his commitment to this film, “Of course, it feels like shaking, but I wanted the sound to feel more intense, so I deliberately tried not to add background music in the air battle scenes, unlike the TV series.”
Moreover, the meaning of the newly added 15 min. long cutscenes has was explained, “When the release of the movie has been decided, I asked a new studio Digital Frontier and GEMBA, about what they want to see, and the answer was, 'We want to see more drama.' So I start thinking what happened during the night between episodes 11 and 12 of the TV series, and I decided to add a secret story of the formation of Kotobuki Squadron.”

Suzushrishrio also commented about the new cutscenes, and pick-out her favorite, “Those scenes explained to me how Kylie entered Kotobuki, what changed in everyone's' relationship before the final episode, so I love each scene. Above all, I watched the scene of the encounter between Kylie and Emma.”
Moreover, director Mizushima revealed his feelings about adding a new cutscene at the end, “For the ending, I decided to show how everyone will recover after what happened and feelings they will bring into the future.”

Finally, regarding the highlights of the MX4D version, director Mizushima commented, “If you are experiencing it for the first time, you will probably enjoy the shaking while watching it as it is, but when you'll watch it for the second time, I think, it will be more enjoyable as you can use the five senses by focusing on the image and sound without paying attention to the seat's movement.”
Suzushiro-san also added a message to the fans about her feeling, “I think that if you experience the shaking once and get used to it, you can watch it again and you will get more immersive.”

The movie “The Magnificent Kotobuki Complete Edition” will be released on Sep. 11. To commemorate the release of the movie, the TV anime series “The Magnificent Kotobuki” will be available for a limited time on YouTube from midnight on Sep. 4.

(C) “The Magnificent Kotobuki Complete Edition” Production Committee