It was decided that “The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie” will be released on Sep. 11, 2020. The main trailer with the incredible dogfight and new scenes along with the main poster with an impressive image, were also revealed.

“The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie ” is a movie adaptation that reorganizes the 12 episodes of the TV series “The Magnificent Kotobuki”, broadcasted from Jan. 2019 until Mar. 19., with an additional story.
The story takes place on “Ijitsu”, a world with wide wasteland, and it depicts the fight of “Kotobuki Squadron”, a group of female bodyguards that are skilled pilots hired by Ouni Company, together with their beloved Hayabusa that involved all of Ijitsu.

The main trailer depicts the new story about the encounter of the 6 member of “Kotobuki Squadron”and scenes of the incredible dogfight.
With the 7.1ch audio and MX4D screening that gives you realistic sensations, it wil surely increase your hype toward the most amazing dogfight in history.

The main poster, released along with the main trailer, captured the amazing battle scene between the main protagonist Kirie's beloved Hayabusa with her rival Isao piloting Shinden Kai.
The profiles of the Kotobuki Squadron Kirie (voiced by Suzushiro Sayumi), Enma (voiced by Yukimura Eri), Kate (voiced by Nakaya Sayaka), Reona (voiced by Seto Asami), Zara (voiced by Yamamura Hibiku), Chika (voiced by Tomita Miyu) along with their employer Madam Loulou (voiced by Yajima Akiko), Saneatsu (voiced by Fujiwara Keiji) from Ouni Company, and Captain Dodo can be seenin the poster. It is a splendid poster with all the characters together, worthy of the complete version of the title.

The sales of the movie ticket with a roll of masking tape as a bonus has started from Jul. 17 .
There is a total of 3 designs of the masking tape, which are the “Kotobuki Squadron ver.” with the cute chibi style illustration of each Kotobuki Squadron member, the “Ijitsu's Fighter Plane ver.” with the line-up of the various interceptors, and the “Maintenance Chief Natsuo ver.” with the various unique lines from the maintenance chief Natsuo and Captain Dodo. The masking tapes will be given out at random.
There are only a limited number of these gifts. So if you are interested, you should go get it before they run out.

“The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie”, where you can “experience” the real dogfight through the images and amazing audio that can only be enjoyed from the movie, will be released nationwide in Japan on Sep. 11, 2020.

(C)”The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie ” Production Committee