On Aug. 22, the release screening of the movie “The Magnificent Kotobuki” by the director Mizushima Tsutomu, was held on TOHO Cinema Ikebukuro.

During the stage greeting before the screening, the 6 main casts, Suzushiro Sayumi (voiced of Kirie), Yukimura Eri(voiced of Enma), Nakaya Sayaka (voiced of Kate), Seto Asami (voiced of Reona), Yamamura Hibiku (voiced of Zara), and Tomita Miyu (voiced of Chika), made an appearance. However, due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, all 6 of them appeared on-screen via remote screening.

“The Magnificent Kotobuki” is an original anime that was broadcast on TV from Jan. 2019 until Mar. 2019. The work takes place in the wasteland just like the western movie and depicts the activities of the young girl fighting on the interceptors.
The movie reorganizes the whole TV series with an additional story and powered up with the 7.1ch audio. As the screening in MX4D is in scheduled, it seem that there is a fixation in providing an experience that can only be enjoyed in the theatre.

The stage greeting started with the energetic greeting from each of the cast by singing the Kotobuki Squadron's song that was sung by Kirie in the work.

Suzushiro Sayumi (voice of Kirie) commented, “Ever since the pre-screening of the TV series at the theatre, I felt that this work should be work at the theatre, and I'm overhelmed that it had become a proper movie now.”
For Yamamuhira Hibiku (voice of Zara), she commented, “When I was watching the private screening of this work, I got so immersed in the work's setting as if I was in it, which cause me to forget that I had a role in it.”
Moreover, Nakaya Sayaka (voiced of Kate) mentioned that she wanted to participate in this pre-release screening as a fan instead.

It was revealed that the movie had added an additional story that is 15 minutes long along with the reorganization of the TV series.
Regarding the additional story, Yukimura Eri(voiced of Enma) commented, “The child Enma is cute and I felt that I had gotten closer to my character while appealing my character during the additional scene that reveals the past of each of the Kotobuki Squardron's member.”

Then, the talks section shifts into the recording of the new scene. Even though the recording for the TV series was conducted 2 and a half years ago, Yamamura mentioned that it doesn't feel nostalgic when all 6 of them gathered together as they are able to get into their role after the testing.
Tomita Miyu (voiced of Chika) also commented, “As I had gotten familiar with the tempo (of the conversation) among the Kotobukiya Squardron's member, I was able to remember it immediately.”

Regarding the question “What's the importance movie's scene?”, Seto Asami (voiced of Reona) answered, “Do pay attention to the voice of when Fugaku (a fighter plane from the work) got sucked into the hole” Nakaya answer is the dogfight of the fighter planes while Tomita answered, “The quarrel contents between Chika and Kirie could be heard clearly in the movie despite it difficult to be heard in the TV series.”

Moreover, this movie is scheduled to have the normal 2D screening and the MX4D screening. Suzushiro and Yukimura had got to experience a part of it in advanced and they were surprised that the movement of the seat is based on each plane and the difference in the detailed movement when it got shot down.
Furthermore, not only does the seat move based on the planes, but it also moves according to the character's movement, so the 4D is able to express each of the characters.
Other than the movement, it seems that the smell of the Kirie favorite's pancake was recreated, which shows that MX4D will easily immerse the audience into the work's world.

Before the remote stage greeting came to an end, each of the casts expressed their appreciation toward the fans that had supported “The Magnificent Kotobuki” continously.