To commemorate the completion of the MX4D version for “The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie” (will be released on Sep. 11), an advanced screening of the movie in MX4D is decided to be held on TOHO Cinema Shinjuku on Sep. 2.

“The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie” is a movie adaptation that reorganizes the 12 episodes of the TV series “The Magnificent Kotobuki”, broadcast from Jan. 2019 until Mar. 2019, with an additional story.
The story takes place on “Ijitsu”, a wide wasteland world, and it depicts the fight of “Kotobuki Squadron”, a group of female bodyguards that are skilled pilots hired by Ouni Company, together with their beloved Hayabusa that involved all of Ijitsu.

The advanced screening in MX4D has been decided to commemorate the completion of the MX4D version. After the screening, the stage greeting featuring director Mizushima Tsutomu and Suzushiro Sayumi (voice of Kirie) that is held at another venue, will be live stream. Actually, it has been 15 years since director Mizushima Tsutomu had appeared during the stage greeting.

The MX4D advanced screening of “The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie” with the stage greeting will be held on TOHO Cinema Shinjuku on Sep. 2. Please check the official website for more information regarding the participation method.

(C)”The Magnificent Kotobuki the Movie” Production Committee