Collaboration between “Fire Force” and the original rolled ice cream specialty store “Roll Ice Cream Factory” has been decided. Ice cream, tapioca milk, and other products inspired by Shinra, Arthur, Shinmon, and others, will be on sale at nationwide “Roll Ice Cream Factory” shops from Sept. 4.

At the collaboration cafe, a total of 6 flavors of ice cream and drinks will be offered, including “Shinra's strawberry rolled ice cream” and “Joker's black tapioca milk”, which feature the image of the characters.
Moreover, for those who ordered the collaboration menu, one random limited coaster (12 types in total) designed with selected famous anime scenes will be given.

Also, original goods such as stickers and tin badge mirrors with the images of main protagonist Kusakabe Shinra and the character “Shiro-kun” of “Roll Ice Cream Factory”, cool-to-the-touch, water-absorbing, quick-drying masks made in Japan will be sold.

The collaboration between “Fire Force” and “Roll Ice Cream Factory” will be held at nationwide “Roll Ice Cream Factory” stores from Sep. 4 to Sep. 24, 2020.

(C) Ookubo Atsushi/Kodansha/Fire Force Video Communications Section