“Anitsuku 2020”, the general event since 2015 for both people who “create” and “watch” anime, will be held online from Sept. 25 to Sept. 27, 2020 . The participation application is currently being accepted.

“Anitsuku” is the general anime production technology eventthat targets anime producers and anime fans of the next generation. The event aims to introduce how to use 2D drawing software and 3D animation techniques, demonstrate the production of anime to appeal to the market, and discover/develop human resources.

This will be their first online event, and they will be focusing on “the efforts made to produce anime” in the age of “Life with Corona”, delivering 3 days of exclusive, special content of the latest technologies and production techniques.

“Anitsuku 2020” will be held online from Sep. 25 to Spe. 27.. A free application is required in advance on the official website.