The live “ARGONAVIS AAside Live Royale Fest 2020”, with all the 5 bands from the boy band project “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!”, has been decided. It will be a paid live-stream with audiences (which means fans can stream it online or be physical on the venue) and will be held on Oct. 10 at Tokyo Garden Theatre.

This work is the boy band project from the media mix project “BanG Dream!”. The voice actors are also actively participating as a band and having live performances. The anime adaptation “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!” was aired on Apr. 2020.

“ARGONAVIS AAside Live Royale Fest 2020” will feature the 5 bands from the works, which are Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fantome Iris, Fujin RIZING!, and εpsilonΦ. It will be a paid live-stream with the audience so that their singing voices can reach the fans.
The advanced ticket application for physical participation at the venue can be found in Argonavis 3rd Single “Hoshi ga Hajimaru” and it will be held from Aug. 29 until Sep. 13. The sales of the paid live-stream ticket are scheduled for late Sep.

The online live event “Fantome Iris S-SOL -histoire des vampires-” of the working adults & visual kei bands, Fantome Iris is decided. This will be a sound online free live stream and it will included the performance of original and cover songs with an original voice drama. It will be available from 7 pm, Sep. 24 on YouTube. The short sound only live will also be held in the future where Fujin RIZING! is scheduled for Oct, GYROAXIA is scheduled for Nov., and Argonavis is scheduled for Dec.

For the release of the digital single, εpsilonΦ's “Play With You” has been released on Aug. 30, GYROAXIA's “IGNITION” and Fantome Iris's “histoire ” will be released on Sep. 12 and Sep. 25 respectively. Fujin RIZING!'s single is scheduled to be released on Oct. 26.

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