Gyroaxia from “Argonavis from BanG Dream!” made the cover of the music magazine “GiGS April Issue”. It also received a cover article at the beginning of the magazine and a special poster is included, too.

GyroAxia is a band from “Argonavis from BanG Dream!”, a project that centers on boys’ bands.
The band plays intense music and is comprised of Asahi Nayuta (voice: Ogasawara Jin) on vocals, Satozuka Kenta (voice: Hashimoto Shinichi) on lead guitar, Misono Reon (voice: Mano Takumi) on rhythm guitar, Akebono Ryou (voice: Akiya Hiroto) on bass, and Sakaigawa Miyuki (voice: Miyauchi Kousuke) on drums.

The special feature in the “GiGS April Issue” is titled “Ima Koko ni Hibiku, Zettai Ouja no Atsuki Houkou ‘ONE'” (“ONE”, the echoing roar of the absolute king). It digs into “Argonavis from BanG Dream!”, the project that gave birth to Gyroaxia, and conducts personal interviews with each member.
It also includes content like “Breaking down the sound of Gyroaxia”, “About their first album ‘ONE'”, and “Practicing their band score ‘MANIFESTO'”.

Hashimoto Shinichi (the voice of Satozuka Kenta) and Akiya Keito (the voice of Akebono Ryou) have posted comments about the magazine on their Twitter account.

“GiGS April Issue” is priced at 980 JPY, and will be in stores from February 27, 2021.