The cast information of the TV anime series “Dogeza de Tanondemita” has been announced. Sugita Tomokazu will play Doge Suwaru, the main male character. Six female voice actors, including Ogura Yui, have been selected for the roles of the female characters.

“Dogeza de Tanondemita” is based on the popular doujinshi series by Funatsu Kazuki. It is a work that shows the pushy main male character who makes full use of the last means, Dogeza (element of traditional Japanese etiquette which involves kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself while touching one’s head to the floor) to persuade a girl until she accepts it to seduce a girl, Dogeza (element of traditional Japanese etiquette which involves kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself while touching one’s head to the floor), and pushes himself until he asks for a request and the heroines who are puzzled by the action.

It has been decided ato create short anime adaptation of this work will be createdseries basing in this work, and this time, the full cast has been announced. Sugita Tomokazu will play the main character, Doge Suwaru, and Horie Kazuma will play the Voice of Heaven.
As for the female characters, Ogura Yui will be in charge of three characters Gakesaka Minori, Aneha Yua, and Omoi Ayame,
Nagatsuma Juuri will be playing Toyofusa Urara and Sukiyabashi Rui, Tomita Miyu will be in charge for Misenai Kanan and Shioya Rei, Shimizu Ayako will be voicingfor Oosaka Akari and Kyan Tama, Kitamori Saika is the voice offor Murakami Sanami and Yuuseki Natsumi, and Kaida Akane for Ninose Sannose.

As many casts are voicing for multiple characters,Many casts also serve for multiple characters, and their performance will be highlighted. Moreover, the characters’ setting images have also been released. Check out the whole body and facial expressions of the 12 heroines.

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Ogura Yui as Gakesaka Minori, Aneha Yua, and Omoi Ayame
Since I’ll be playing various roles, I am looking forward to what kind of characters I could meet.

Nagatsuma Juuri as Toyofusa Urara and Sukiyabashi Rui
I knew that it has been a hot topic on Twitter, so I was surprised when I heard, “It’ll be an anime!”
And I felt a bit of fate as I happen to saw the the characters that I am voicing on TwitterAnd the characters’ roles that I saw on Twitter were a bit fateful for me… (laughs)

Tomita Miyu as Misenai Kanan and Shioya Rei
I was frankly excited to say “I’m looking forward to it!” and excited about thisCool!”
Although it is full of sexy scenes, it’s fulfilled with a comical situations as wellatmosphere, so it isis also an interesting work where one episode is a complete story.
I know that one episode is very short, so I will have fun thinking about how to play and approach within that short piece.

Shimizu Ayako as Oosaka Akari and Kyan Tama
When I first received the offerwe first talked about it, the artspictures were so cute and the girls were attractive. Above all, the impact of the title was amazing! I remember thinking about that.
I was thrilled by how to play the embarrassing scene!

Kitamori Saika as Murakami Sanami and Yuuseki Natsumi
The cCute heroines who are getting shy but respond to the requests.
I was happy to be able to participate in the role as a cast.
There is a character who talks inwith the Hakata dialect, and since I used to live in Kyushu, I thought, “It’s finally time to use my experience!”

Kaida Akane as Ninose Sannose
For the first time, I will play a named character!
It is sexy work, butso I’m very excited.

Sugita Tomokazu as Doge Suwaru
Eh? Anime!? It can’t be!? It will be released?

Horie Kazuma as Voice of Heaven
In addition to the voicing anime characters, I actually do a lot of narration work, but even so, the “Voice of Heaven” narration in the anime is my first experience, and I will enjoy it very much. ♪

(C) Funatsu Kazuki / DMM Pictures