In commemoration of the release of the blockbuster “Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song”, “Blockbuster Greeting Special Performance Live Viewing” had been held on Aug. 22. It was a fun performance where the creators fully showed their thoughts on this work.

Accosioated producer Takahashi Yuuma, director Sudou Tomonori, Sugiyama Noriaki as Emiya Shirou, Shitaya Noriko as Matou Sakura, Kawasumi Ayako as Saber, Ueda Kana as Tousaka Rin, Kadowaki Mai as Illyasviel von Einzbern, Nakata Jouji as Kotomine Kirei, and Asakawa Yuu as a Rider had appeared on the stage.
Among them, Nakata had appeared wearing a priest's clothing and holding “Black Grail”, a weapon used by Kirei. When he stood up on the stage, he seemed to “feel the sign of Assassin”, and he showed the pose of pulling out the Black Grail in the center of the stage.

The “spring song”, the third and final chapter of ” Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel trilogy”, has been number one in the two-day weekend ranking since its release on Aug. 15, which means that all the trilogy series have been ranked number one in a row, including chapter 1 “presage flower” and chapter 2 “lost butterfly”.

Shitaya commented about this, “I wanted as many people as possible to see it, so I am grateful that as many fans as the second chapter have seen it. Thank you very much”.
Director Sudou shared his feelings, “I'm happy. At the time of the stage greetings of “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2″, I had the feeling that I had to make the following, but now I'm on this stage feeling calm.”

Moreover, during the stage greeting, the staff and cast had time to talk while looking back on each scene from the beginning to the epilogue. Berserkers fight at the opening, confrontation of Saber and Rider, Emiya Shirou, conflict between sisters Tousaka Rin and Matou Sakura, and as the culmination of the epilogue, director Sudou's commentary was put in various places, and the thoughts about the video were revealed.

In the end, Sugiyama said, “Since that time, I wished that I could make a Sakura route, but I met everyone's support and the director who loves the work, and I was able to share it with everyone until the end. For 15 years, we have been able to do it with the same people, and we were very happy to be able to record to the end like a family,” said each speaker.
The staff and cast talked about their feelings with smiles and laughter, and “Blockbuster Special Performance Live Viewing” ended on a happy note.

In addition, at the stage greeting, it was also announced that a blockbuster special thanks program will be held at “ABEMA” on Aug. 28.
The main cast, Sugiyama, Shitaya, Kawasumi, Ueda, Kadowaki, Nakata, and Asakawa will be performing the special program, and the same 7 people will appear on stage. Detailed information about broadcast time will be announced later.

“Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly”, with 7 new cutscenes will be released.
It's going to be in the second week of the show, and while the joy continues, please experience the feelings of the director and the cast at the theater.

<Full comments are below>
Asakawa Yuu as Rider
Personally speaking, Rider always disappears at the end except for “Today's Menu for the Emiya Family”, so I'm happy to be able to stay until the end, and sisters are important for her, so I could protect them until the end. I think I worked hard in plain clothes until the end (laughs).

Nakata Jouji as Kotomine Kirei
I'm glad that you can see an aspect of a human being Kotomine Kirei that you could not see before. I saw it at a preview and thought it was one of the movies that should be selected as the best one for this year. I would be happy if many people would watch it.

Kadowaki Mai as Illyasviel von Einzbern
I've greeted on a stage performance today for the second week of release, but I have received a lot of impact from everyone by various tools. I was glad that you drew a lot of the experiences and feelings that Illyasviel had so far. I hope you will continue to watch it.

Ueda Kana as Tousaka Rin
It's been a week since release, but I'm very happy to hear on Twitter that you have seen it many times. Actually, today I wore earrings, which Aya-san (Kawasumi Ayako) gave to me, and Aya-san was wearing red earrings too, and that makes me happy. We've been together for 15 years, and I've been on good terms with all of the cast members, and really happy that I was involved in the work in a family-like relationship.

Kawasumi Ayako as Saber
While watching TV in the waiting room earlier, I saw that “Chapter 3” was ranked number 1 in the movie rankings. On a telop (television opaque projector) it was said, “No. 1 in three chapters in a row,” and I thought that I received the best gift that actor or staff could ever have. I would be happy if you could fully see the elements that Sudou-san studded with all the cuts.

Shitaya Noriko as Matou Sakura
I was deeply impressed by the last stage greeting, but it was because of the thought that many people were watching at theaters across the country beyond the camera for recording. I won't cry today! (Lol). It was a great time to talk with important people like a family and talk about their work in this way. Maybe I played Sakura from “Fate/stay night” for the last time, so I tried really hard. I'm grateful for all this way.

Sugiyama Noriaki as Emiya Shirou
From that time, I had been saying that it would be great if we could reach the Sakura route, but I thank to everyone's support and the director who loves the work, and I was able to deliver it to everyone until the end. For 15 years, I was allowed to do it with the same team, and I was very happy to be able to voice to the end like in a family.

Director Sudou Tomonori
I feel that creating anime from “Chapter 1” to “Chapter 3” in this way can be finally achieved by repeating the daily routine. I am glad that I was able to complete it with the help of all the staff. Thank you for today.

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