“Yawataya Isogoro LTD.” (established in 1736) is going to release the collaboration spice with “One Piece” called “Straw Hat Shichimi Spice”. (Shichimi spice is a Japanese spice which mixes 11 ingridients) It will be sold in 2 types of “Luffy Blend”, which matches nicely with meat dishes with spiciness, and “Chopper Blend”, which matches nicely with many kinds of dishes while not being too spicy.

“Luffy Blend” is Shichimi spice, which mixes multiple ingridients to make Luffy's favorite meat-related dishes better.
While making its taste little spicy by being inspired by Luffy's toughness, the product also blends lemon and citron (citrus) for flavor and salt for an image of an ocean, where the story is being set.
This spice will bring out the taste of meat, fish, and vegetables even more than before.

“Chopper Blend” is Shichimi spice for people who loves sweet food like Chopper, and ingridients have been mixed with Mangan Temple chili pepper on the base.
This spice can be used for any dishes around the world since sweetness from Manganji Temple chili pepper improves the flavor.
“One Piece” fans and children who love sweet dishes can also enjoy this Shichimi spice to change the taste of the dish easily.

On the label there are Luffy with a meat in his hand (Luffy Tarou) and Chopper with a spoon in his hand (Chopper-emon), and “DINEX Mug”, “Sacoche”, and “Sticker” with the same design, will be released as well.

“One Piece×Yawataya Isogoro Collaboration: 'Straw Hat Shichimi Spice'” spice set and collaboration goods is currently available at online store “Hikidashi Store”.
Also, those items are scheduled to be sold in Mugiwara Store (in Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Abeno, Umeda, Nagoya, and Fukuoka).

“'Straw Hat Shichimi Spice' Spice Set [Luffy Blend & Chopper Blend] (with special sticker)” is priced at 2,750 JPY (tax excluded), “One Piece×Yawataya Isogoro DINEX 8oz. Mug” is priced at 1,500 JPY (tax excluded) each, “One Piece×Yawataya Isogoro Scoche” is priced at 2,200 JPY (tax excluded) each, and “One Piece×Yawataya Isogoro 2 Sticker Set [Luffy & Chopper]” is priced at 400 JPY (tax excluded).

(C) Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation (C) YAWATAYA ISOGORO