The anime music magazine for women “LisOeuf♪vol. 18”, which will be in stores from Aug. 31, 2020, revealed its cover and gifts. “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” made the cover.

“Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” made the cover and will be featured at the beginning of the magazine. The feature is not only an introduction to the work but also has an interview with Kihara Rui and Mori Shunta from Night Ravens, who sing the theme song “Piece of my world”.

The TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu”, which received a 3rd season starting in October, the game app “A3!”, which is gaining attention for the first half of the 3rd part, “Paradox Live”, who will be releasing their 4th stage battle CD under the theme of “Family”, and “Argonavis from BanG Dream!”, which has an app game scheduled to be released, are also featured in the magazine.
Don't forget to check out the great lineup of artist interviews, including Nishiyama Koutarou, who will be debuting as a singer, O×T, who will be releasing a new album, GRANRODEO, and Shimono Hiro.

The fold-in posters are of 2 original illustrations: “Argonavis from BanG Dream!” and “Mr. Osomatsu”. Moreover, by purchasing it at Animate, you can get a bonus “Mr. Osomatsu” illustration card.

“black Star -Theater Starless”, which will be celebrating its 1st anniversary, has made the back cover and will have a special feature at the end of the magazine.

“LisOeuf♪vol. 18” is priced at 1,200 JPY (tax excluded). Sales will start on Aug. 31 at nationwide book stores and anime specialty shops.

(C)Disney. Published by Aniplex
(C)ARGONAVIS project.
(C)Akatsuka Fujio / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee