The first boys’ band project from “BanG Dream!” by Bushiroad, “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!”, is finally releasing its smartphone app game, “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside!”, in January 2021.

I previously reported on the trial version, and this time, I was given the opportunity to play the completed version before its release!

Below is an introduction of the content and fascination of the game and how to play through the game, in more detail than the last report. Screenshots of live performances with different bands and members, which weren’t available before, have been revealed, so read this article and be ready for the release of this app.
[Interview and Sentence by Yoneda Kaori]

■Become a “roadie” and support the 5 different bands!

The beautiful 3D effects excite you from the start.
I was amazed by the smooth movement of the concert scenes and the beautiful illustrations in the TV anime series, which was broadcast from April to July 2020, and the game also has beautiful effects.

After the opening comes the tutorial for the main gameplay. The prologue to the app’s story is followed by the instructions, but first, let me briefly explain the game’s story and “objective”.

“You” become a “roadie” for the 5 bands: “Argonavis,” “GYROAXIA,” “Fantôme Iris,” “Fuujin RIZING!,” and “εpsilonΦ”, which came from all over the country to participate in the “Live Royale Fest.”, a music festival that aims to find the next-gen musicians and decides the top amateur band. You support and fight along with them as they try to win the opportunity of their lives in this city, Tokyo.

■Complete quests and advance the main story!
The tutorial leads you to reading the “main story”. But to advance the main story, you must raise your player rank. And to raise your player rank, you need to play the slice-of-life part and session part to gain experience points.

The quests for the slice-of-life part is composed of “Mini Quests” and “Live Quests”. Each quest has a goal and when you achieve it, you can move on to the next quest. There are quests for all 5 bands, and it is up to you to choose which band you start with!

・Mini Quests
First, you chose one o the band’s quest, and go to “Mini Quest”. Tap the character and chose your “action”, which has a maximum of 6 random choices, including band practice and getting ready for concerts.

Each action takes time to complete and they will be carried out even while the app is not being used. For the impatient players who don’t want to waste time waiting and want to advance efficiently, there is a time-saving item called the “hourglass”, which you can get during gameplay.

But the characters in action may meet “unexpected people” at their destination. There are special conversations for certain combinations of characters, so don’t forget to check their destinations for other characters before skipping time.

However, if you make them do too many actions, the characters may be hospitalized from exhaustion. I’m sure there are a lot of kind people, who feel sorry for them and want to let them rest. But actually, there are also special conversations ready for when you send your band members to go see the character in the hospital. Still, let’s try not to overwork them.

・Live Quests
After finishing the “Mini Quest”, you can challenge the “Live Quest”. The success of a live performance requires the overall strength of your deck, made up of each band member, so you need to train your cards in advance.

You can obtain items to train your members through some actions in the slice-of-life part. I recommend you to get them and train your members before performing live.

Not only can you enjoy the impressive scenes of the live performance but you can also obtain various rewards.

■You can make your “dream team” in the Session Part!
The other main content of this app is the “Session Part” in which you can play various songs including original “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!” songs and cover songs. As I mentioned at the beginning, the music video reflects the rearrangement of the members and the change of their costumes, which wasn’t included in the last report.

This time, I made my “dream vocal team”: Vo. Ujikawa Shuu (εpsilonΦ), Gt. Asahi Nayuta (GYROAXIA), Gt. Nanahoshi Ren, Ba. Kaminoshima Fuuta (Fuujini RIAING!), Dr. Felix Louis-Claude Mont d’or

Nayuta and Fuuta look amazing with stringed instruments! On the other hand, I found out that Felix doesn’t go well with drums, in my opinion.

■Many beautiful illustrations! I tried 10 “Scouts” in a row
You can’t miss the “gacha” in a social network game. In this game they are called “Scouts”.

You can obtain at least one or more 3-star cards when you do 10 Scouts in a row, and when you get a 4-star card, there is a special effect for each band. You also obtain tradable items called “Scout Badges” every time you Scout, and you can choose a card from the “Trader” with a certain number of badges.

It’s only human to want to roll gachas… I tried 10 Scouts in a row. The results were…

I got a 4-star Mitsurugi Koharu (Fantôme Iris’s bass player)! This is a good start for the year 2021. I think this will be a great year. The other cards are in the photo.

■The app is full of fun features, such as the history and profiles!
So far, I’ve introduced the gameplay, but there are many features in the app to further enjoy the game!

When you advance the story or see the conversations between the members in the slice-of-life part, you will get trophies in the “History”, which keeps a record of each character and band’s events in chronological order. And in the “Profile” you can set your “fav member” in your screen to fully enjoy the world of “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!”.

The release date is right around the corner, so if you’re interested, let’s pre-register and prepare for the release.