As one of its 10th anniversary project, [STEINS;GATE] has allowed [Anique], an artwork selling platform using blockchain technology, to handle the sales. From 22:00 on Nov. 5, digital ownership for each of the11 artworks will be sold through lottery.

[Anique] is using a blockchain technology called NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to grant digital ownership to one person in the world.
[STEINS;GATE] is [Anique]'s third content after [Shingeki no Kyojin] ([Attack on Titan] ) and [serial experiments lain].

This time's digital ownership sale content is all 11 artworks; 10 pieces will be sold successively through lottery and the remaining 1 piece, the 10th anniversary artwork , will be sold through auction.

The 10th anniversary artwork is a set of digital ownership and a framed ,B0 size ,ultra-high-definition printing. Application starts from a bid of 150,000 JPY.
In addition, for the 10 artworks sold through lottery, you can order a limited edition, framed ,ultra-high-definition printing separately at a special price.

For more details on the [10th Anniversary Project: [STEINS;GATE] One in the World Digital Ownership Auction and Lottery ], please go to the campaign page.
Also, [Anique]'s official twitter is running a linked campaign where you can win a serial code for the iOS smartphone app [STEINS;GATE ELITE]

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