The official “Mobile Suit Gundam” series online portal, “GUNDAM.INFO” website will host a series of short columns titled “Business no Hinto wa Uchuu Seiki ni Ari! ~Gundam Meets Business~” (Business Hints are in the Universal Century! ~Gundam Meets Business~).

The entries will be handled by “GMB”, the marketing team behind the success of the series, which comprises of members such as Otobe Daisuke, known for his article “Hito wa Naze Gundam wo Aishiteshimauka?” (Why do people love Gundam?) .

This initiative aims to cover business problems that the Gundam series is facing such as lack of experience and dealing with unexpected issues.
The publication will also explore a variety of topics such as management, strategy, leadership, vision, professionalism, design, human resource development, and working culture as analyzed through the lens of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

“Business no Hinto wa Uchuu Seiki ni Ari! ~Gundam Meets Business~” will kick off on Jul. 22, 2020 at the GUNDAM.INFO website.

(C) Sotsu – Sunrise