Collaboration project to decorate summer “Twinkle color miracle☆” has launched as a 45th anniversary event of Little Twin Stars, which is a popular “SANRIO” character. At Tokyo Tower, projection mapping of KIKI&LALA is going to be held.

Projection mapping of “KIKI&LALA × Tokyo Tower”, which is projected at a height of 150meter at Tokyo Tower, is begun with pink and blue shooting star along with the fantastic music and realistic night view of Tokyo in the background.

Once KIKI&LALA appeared to the night sky, the scene gradually changes to the Star Festival, then the summer trip together with KIKI&LALA and animal friends has started along with the pop music. At the end, the night view changes to beautiful night sky. Pink and blue big fireworks appear behind KIKI&LALA floating in the sky. Then, KIKI & LALA goe back to the distant sky. That’s the scenario.

In addition, KIKI&LALA collaboration menu will be served for a limited time at the “Cafe Latour” on 1F main deck.

On the menu, five varieties of KIKI&LALA collaboration soft-serve ice cream , and two varieties of drinks resembling KIKI&LALA image, which you can enjoy only here, are available. By ordering from the collaboration menu, KIKI&LALA coaster will be given as a novelty.

“Tokyo Tower×LittleTwinStars ~Twinkle color miracle☆~” is being held until Sep. 30 at Tokyo Tower.

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