“Arad Senki: Gaykuten no Gear” is 2nd anime series for the popular online RPG called “Dungeon Fighter Online”, which marked the top sale in 2018 in China and currently has a total of 800 million users registered. It will be broadcast from Jul. 3, 2020 on TV Tokyo.

“Arad Senki: Gaykuten no Gear” is based on the multi-player online RPG “Dungeon Fighter Online”, released by Neople. Season 1 of the anime series “Dungeon Fighter: Shukumei no Mon” (Gate of Fate) had been streamed in Chine from Apr. 2017 (with a total of 20 episodes) and marked 632 million total views, and this series is the 2nd one.
The protagonist is travelling over time into the Arad Continent after being involved in an accident. He meets several legendary heroes in the history and experiences the incidents that they got involved in.
Past and future intersect, the world and fate being connected, and adventure over time is about to begin!

The director is Abe Noriyuki, who is known for “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”, the characters will be designed by Kimura Hiro, who has designed the characters from “Hane Bad” and “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor”.
As the casts, Ono Yuuki plays Ou Tensai, Uchiyama Kouki plays Lucas Yi, Hanamori Miyuri plays Miria, and Takahashi Rie plays Meimei.

TV anime “Arad: Gyakuten no Wa” will be broadcast from Jul. 3, 2020 on TV Tokyo.