The movie “GanbaReiwa!! Robocon” has finished shooting and it was announced that it will be given the subtitle of “Urara~! Koisuru Shirunashi Tantanmen no Maki”(Soupless Tantan Noodles in Love).
The story set in the town's Chinese restaurant, cast members, and character visuals have also been revealed along with comments from Saitou Chiwa as Robocon and Tsuchiya Kino as Robin.

This is the first “Robocon” series in 20 years, which follows “Ganbare!! Robocon” broadcast from 1974 to 1975 and “Moero!! Robocon” broadcast from 1999 to 2000.
Robocon works at the town's Chinese restaurant, Zenchuuka. His clumsiness leads to the biggest mystery of Reiwa, “Chinese dishes going out of control”. The story develops around the mysterious character, Shirunashi Tantanmen.

The cast members bringing back the slapstick “Robocon” drama have been announced. Saitou Chiwa will be playing the new Rewa Robocon and Tsuchiya Kino will be playing Robocon's crush, Robin.
Ehara Masashi was chosen as Gantsu-sensei, the strict teacher of Robot Academy, and Suzumura Kenichi as Shirunashi Tantanmen, a mysterious character that has an important role in the show.

Also, the character visual of Robocon has been revealed along with an announcement of the film adaption. While keeping the cute, red, oval silhouette, and the “Gantsu Heart” on his body, which sends information to Gantsu-sensei, his limbs were replaced with sturdier ones.
Other than that, his power source has been updated to solar power, and on his head, he has the “Sunsun Radar”, which can detect objects 10km away while collecting sunlight. What kind of story will the new Reiwa Robocon introduce to us?

The film “GanbaReiwa!! Robocon: Urara~ Koisuru Shirunashi Tantanmen!! no Maki” will be in theaters in Japan as a double feature with “Jintai no Survival!” from Jul. 31, 2020.

<Full comments as below>
【Saitou Chiwa as Robocon】
“Ganbare!! Robocon” was before I was born, but “Moero!! Robocon” was on air about the time I started my career as a voice actress. It's an honor to be able to play the role of Robocon 20 years later, and I have been excited about it since before shooting started. I think Robocon has this nostalgic vibe that is enjoyable for all members of the family. I hope you can feel the vigor of “Reiwa” while keeping the image of the former series. I want to deliver power and Roboconjou (a world play of Robocon and Konjou, a Japanese word that means will power) to those who watch the show, especially since we've just gone through some hard times. For those of you who are familiar with the old Robocon, and for those of you who are new to Robocon, I will put in my best Robokonjou to play Reiwa's Robocon. I hope everyone will have a good laugh at the theaters and get energy from the movie. GanbaReiwa!!

【Tsuchiya Kino as Robin】
I had never heard of Robocon before the audition, so I immediately started watching the past works. At the audition, I only thought of her as just an ordinary girl. But after getting the role, it made me very happy when I was told that some great actors played Robin. Robin is an “active and energetic girl robot with rich emotions,” and has many things in common with me. All the staff and cast members worked together in an unusual environment where we had to check our temperature, wash our hands, gargle, and sterilize ourselves more than ever, to deliver you the big, adorable Robocon and a completely new Robin. Please check out my costume and expressions! I wish to deliver you high spirits and make you smile just like in the title “GanbaReiwa!! Robocon”.

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