2020 has had various anime adaptions of games, such as “Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story” and “Sakura Wars the Animation”. Due to their many brilliant characters, game-based animes are appealing to even those who haven't played the game.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted the same survey as we did in the last half of 2019, asking “Which Game Do You Want to See as an Anime? (First Half of 2020)”. There were 1,808 votes during the voting period of Jun. 3 through Jun. 12.
Most of the voters were female with the gender ratio at 5% male to 95% female, and the age range was on the younger side with 25% being under 19, and 50% being in their 20s.

Here are the results for the app games.

■”DREAM!ing” kept its top position!
1st Place
“DREAM!ing” stayed in 1st place from the last half of 2019 with roughly 35% of the votes.

This game depicts the story of the students of the elite school Shinonome Academy performing “Dream Concerts” and revealing their true feelings to gain support from all the students.
“The fast-paced, profound story, awesome voices of the voice actors, the quality songs and BGM, etc., all go well with the images,” and “It depicts the joy, grief, and inner conflicts of the various pairs as they compete with each other to reach the top,” are comments that show how the game fascinated fans in various ways.

There were also comments looking forward to the new stage of the game, “It's unfortunate that there will be no more updates of the app, but the story keeps developing on other media. With a drama CD and musical coming up, it's still a hot game!”

2nd Place
Coming in 2nd was “World End Heroes” with 30% of the votes.
“World End Heroes” started its service in Nov. 2018. It is a game that depicts the hero boys fighting against the Eaters that flew in with a meteor.

The game received comments praising the exciting story like a boy's manga, “Each main character has a good background story on why they became heroes. It's a game full of passion and youth,” and “The game system such as the various weapons is a great element that could be enjoyable for all genders and ages as an anime.”
There were also many comments pointing out that it will be finishing its service on Aug. 20, “This is the perfect timing for it to get an anime adaption, since the story has been announced to come to an end.”

3rd Place
3rd place went to “Dankira!!! -Boys, be DANCING!” with 12 % of the votes.

The game depicts the story of the students who devote their youth to dancing.
“The passionate dance battles work well with an anime. Also, the killer tricks will make great highlights for the anime,” is a comment that shows how the killer tricks in the dancing game fascinated the fans. There were a number of comments saying that the dance battles are just like the hobby animes on Sunday mornings.
Though it will be ending its service on Aug. 5, “The main story that depicts the dancers' passion and growth is amazing, so I want more people to enjoy it through the anime,” shows that it still gains a lot of support.

■Here are some comments for other games!!
For “Promise of Wizard”, “The world the player is in and the magic is so beautiful, and the battle scenes are cool.”
For “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, “I want to see Toboso Yana-sensei's beautiful illustrations in motion,” and “The opening anime is nice, so I'd love to see a TV series of it.”

For “Hoshinari Echoes”, “The main story is full of effort, friendship, dreams, suffering, etc. You can imagine the battle scenes though it is only words and voices, but I also want to see the images in motion!”
For “Readyyy!”, “The story is like an extension of daily life and depicts the high school idols, who keep it realistic by not being too eccentric, is entertaining. Unfortunately, it has gone out of service, so I'd love to see them again. They will surely fascinate everyone.”

The app edition had titles which have been decided to finish their service in the top rankings. Many fans seem to want more people to enjoy them.
There were also voices desiring more anime development for games such as “The Idolmaster SideM” and “Ensemble Stars!”.

■Top 20
1. “DREAM!ing”
2. “World End Heroes”
3. “Dankira!!! -Boys, be DANCING!”
4. “Readyyy!”
5. “Hoshinari Echoes”
6. “Promise of Wizard”
7. “Disney Twisted Wonderland”
8. “Tensei no Illuminasia ~Otome Yuusha~”
9. “Hero's Park”
10. “Band Yarouze!”
11. “The Idolmaster SideM”
12. “On-Air!”
13. “The Idolmaster Shiny Colors”
13. “The Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days”
13. “Ensemble Stars!”
13. “Miracle Nikki”
13. “Megiod 72”
18. “Disney Tsum Tsum”
18. “Extraordinary Ones”
18. “RenCa:A/N”

(Voting Period: Jun.3 through Jun. 12, 2020)