Many games were made into anime adaptations in 2019, such as “Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia”, “Stand My Heroes: PIECE OF TRUTH” and so on. The many brilliant characters in the anime based on games charmed viewers who haven't played the games as well.

Following the survey from the first half of 2019, here at Anime!Anime! we held a survey asking “Which game do you want to see an anime adaptation of?” 76 people participated in the survey which was held between Nov. 29 and Dec. 10.

The male-female ratio was 40% male, 60% female with a slightly larger number of female participants. The age range was 30% under 19 years old, 40% in their 20s, centering the results around a younger age range. Below are the results for the Console Game Edition of the survey.

■”Xenoblade Chronicles” took the top showing the popularity of RPG and action games
1st place went to “Xenoblade Chronicles” with 7% of the votes. “Xenoblade Chronicles” is a popular RPG game for Wii that was released in 2010. Games in the same series such as “Xenoblade Chronicles X” and “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” have been released.
Participants left comments such as “The cutscenes already incorporate anime so it seems highly compatible”, and “The story is so epic, I was very surprised when I first saw it. “The lines of the characters, even the villains, are always right on the money and the story will light a flame in your heart.” Within the series, “Xenoblade Chronicles” and “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” in particular received many votes.

2nd place tied between “Kingdom Hearts”, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” and “Muramasa: The Demon Blade”.
“Kingdom Hearts” is a dream-come-true RPG full of Disney characters. It regularly appears in surveys about games people want to see adapted into anime.

“Fire Emblem: Three Houses” is the newest work in the “Fire Emblem” series. A participant commented, “The plot is very dramatic, and the voice actors' voices shine throughout the game. I would love to see that world in more depth through an anime adaption.”

“Muramasa: The Demon Blade” is an action RPG whose charm lies in its Japanese style. There was a comment saying that it has many elements familiar to anime, such as samurai and ninjas, and high expectations can be held for the flashy action scenes.

■Other comments
“The illustrations were well-liked even before the game was released, and it didn't fail to live up to its expectations. I want to see an anime for the Atelier series since the last was “Escha & Logy”,” for “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout”.
“I bought the game because I was attracted to the beautiful characters on the package, but the game itself was also very enjoyable,” for “Kurenai no Homura Sanada Shinobi Houjou”.
There were comments praising “CODE VEIN” for the enjoyable animation within the game, saying “The opening animation produced by ufotable was amazing. It would be great if the high-quality and dramatic game was recreated as an anime.”

RPGs and action games placed high for the console game edition. Will any of them actually be adapted into anime? The results only increase the expectation for them.

Top 5
“Which game do you want to see an anime adaptation of? (Second Half of 2019 Edition)”
1. “Xenoblade Chronicles”
2. “Kingdom Hearts”
2. “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”
2. “Muramasa: The Demon Blade”
5. “Death Stranding”
5. “Splatoon”
5. “The Legend of Zelda”
5. “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout”
5. “NieR: Automata”

(Survey Period: Nov. 29 ~ Dec. 10, 2019)