It was announced that the anime series “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart”, that was scheduled to be broadcast on Jul. 2020, will be postponed to Oct. 2020.

This anime is based on the same name manga by Hamayumiba Sou and is currently serialized on “Manga Time Kirara Carat”. It a work that depicts the newcomer idols unit, “Fruit Tart”.

The explanation from the production committee said, “Due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the TV Anime 'Dropout Idol Fruit Tart' will be postponed to Oct. 2020 from the schedule broadcast in Jul. 2020.”

It ended with “We would like to apologize to everyone who is looking forward to it, and we also hope to seek your understanding and appreciate your patience for this. We hope you could keep supporting this work.”

The detailed schedule will be announced at the official website and Twitter once it is determined.

(C)Hamayumiba Sou・Houbunsha/Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Production Committee