It was revealed that the TV Anime “Monster Girl Doctor” broadcast will start from Jul. 12, 2020 on TOKYO MX, and other channels.
Along with that announcement, the world setting including “Lindworm” (the town where monster and human co-exist) was revealed on the official website along with the CD information for the opening theme song “Campanella Hibiku Sora de” by ARCANA PROJECT.

“Monster Girl Doctor” is originally a light novel by Origuchi Yoshino that is published by “Shueisha DASH X Bunko” and it a medical fantasy about the monster girl’s ecology.
The story takes place in a city where both monsters and humans co-exist and it how the newcomer doctor Glenn Leitbeit and his assistant Saphe rescue the monster girls such as mermaid, flesh golem, harpy and dragon.

This TV anime, which previously announced its broadcast will be in Jul. 2020, has decided that it will start broadcast on Jul. 12 on TOKYO MX, Sunday TV, KBS Kyoto, and other channels.
Moreover, the world settings of the works are revealed on the official website. Various settings have been introduced including “Lindworm” (the town where monster and human co-exist), “Litbeit’s Clinic” (the protagonist Glenn’s clinic), “Merou Waterway”, “Harpy’s Village”, “Scudia Delivery”, “Arakinu Tailor”, and “Kyukuroe’s Workshop”.

It was also revealed that the CD of the opening theme song “Campanella Hibiku Sora de” by ARCANA PROJECT will be released on Sep. 9, 2020.
It will be sold in 4 versions: “Limited Edition ‘Normal Position'”, “Limited Edition ‘Reversed Position'”, “Regular Edition”, and “Anime Edition”. A total of three songs (opening theme song and two coupling songs) will be included in the “Limited Edition ‘Normal Position'”, “Limited Edition ‘Reversed Position'”, and “Regular Edition” while the “Anime Edition” will include two songs (opening theme song and one coupling song) only.
As each shop will provide a different bonus, so do check it out as a fan.

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