“Police×Warrior Love Patrina”, the 4th tokusatsu TV drama series of “Girls×Warrior Series” which aimed at young girls, will be broadcast. The theme of this work is “police×warrior” who protects everyone's love.

This is the 4th work for the tokusatsu (Japanese term for live-action movie or television drama with a heavy use of special effects) TV drama series aimed at young girls of “Girls×Warrior Series”. The theme for this drama is “police×warrior” who protect everyone's love. The story depicts “Love Patrina”, who is one of the “police×warrior” who protects everyone's love receiving a call of 110 (Japanese 911) quickly making arrests the villains and turn it back “Love Zero” into a normal state, which is a person who has their love stolen by “Waru Pyoko Group”.

Continuing from the previous work, the general director will be Miike Takashi, who has great popularity from several types of work and the fans of different ages, and the music and dance which will be “Love Patrina”'s special moves will be directed by expg.

Young actors will play the main unit “Love Patrina”. The comments from the fresh girl who was chosen to be “Love Patrina” has arrived.

Also, the following characters consecutively appear from the previous work: Sakurai Kokomi (played by Hishida Mio), Asumi Saki (Yamaguchi Kira), Shizuki Yotsuba (Harada Toa), and Kouba Seira (Ishii Ran).

“Police×Warrior Love Patrina” will be broadcast from 9:00 am every Sunday on 6 TV Tokyo related channels.

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Aiba Tsubasa: Love Pato Pinki (Watanabe Miyuu

“Even though love is shadowed! Loooove with the wings of love!” Love Pato Pink Tsubasa! My name is Watanabe Miyuu and I will be playing Aiba Tsubasa. I never thought of being chosen, so I was very surprised when I received an offer. I am very happy that I am able to be a part of the girls' fighters. Tsubasa is an optimistic and energetic girl who loves young children and animals. I want to grow up with Tsubasa as she grows up, and I want to make the drama interesting like Mirachu, Maji Majo, and Phantomi! There are cute and interesting scenes in every episode of Love Patrina, so please enjoy them. I look forward to delivering the drama to you!

Murasakibara Sarai: Love Pat Purple (Yamaguchi Ria)
“We are completely in love anytime, anywhere!” Love Pato Purple, Sarai! My name is Yamaguchi RIa and I will be playing Murasakibara Sarai. I did not believe that I can get an offer for 2 consecutive works, so I am happy to be chosen as a girl warrior. Sarai is an energetic girl who has admired the girls' warrior for a long time. I was very nervous when I changed into the girl warrior for the first time, but the director Miike loosened the tension by holding an interesting talk session. As the nervousness disappears, I could enjoy the shootings so much. I want her to grow up by changing from Sarai of Phantomi to Sarai of Love Pato. I will work hard to become a warrior, who is cute and loved by everyone, so please keep supporting us!

Aose Konaha:Love Pato Blue (Yamashita Yui)
“Every human being is a beautiful flower! Bloom with full love!” Love Pato Blue, Kohana! My name is Yamashita Yui, and I will be playing Aose Konaha. I never think of being the part of the girls' warrior, so I want to do my best at everything I can do. Konaha is a girl who is good at both academics and sports and loves flowers so much. I began to feel the beauty of nature and flowers as she talks about flowers I did not know. I sometimes get confused because there are new experiences for me, but I will do my best joyfully playing the role of Kohana and deliver the story which is enjoyable to the people who watch. The dances and music for Love Pato are easy to memorize, so please dance and sing together with us!

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