May 12 is Kondou Takashi 's birthday.

Kondou Takashi made his debut in 1990's. He has played many characters since then, and in 2020, he played characters from “ID: INVADED” and “The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera Propose Arc”. He is also active in foreign movies, dub version of movies from abroad, games, and drama CDs.

Here at Anime!Anime!, to celebrate Kondou Takashi's birthday, we conducted a reader's survey asking “Who is your favorite character played by him?”. The survey was conducted from Apr.30 to May. 7, and received answers from 192 people.
The female readers made up the majority with approximately 80%, while male readers made up approximately 20%. The young readers made up the majority where 19-year old or under made up approximately 30%, while 20's made up approximately 45%.

■Hibari Kyouya from “Reborn”: The lone-wolf ranked in the top!
Hibari Kyouya from “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” ranked in the 1st place. The support rating was approximately 25%.

The comments to Hibari Kyouya, who goes to Namimori Middle School with the protagonist Tsuna, said, “He is the leader of disciplinary committee and the top of the delinquents. He real grade is unknown and he was so mysterious in the beginning that he is unlikely to be a friend of the protagonist”, “He likes to act by himself, and has a strong pride. I still cannot forget his word 'I'll bite and kill you'”, and “He has a strong presence! He always follows his belief”. He gained votes for playing the role with a strong impact until the end.

The 2nd place was Onodera Ritsu from “The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera”. The support rating was approximately 15%.
Onodera Ritsu is an editor at Marukawa Shoten Emerald Editorial Department. He was popular for not being honest, and the comments mentioned said, “The acting of a scene when he attempts to tell his true feeling to his boss, Takano-san, is so impatient”, and “Ricchan's tsundere voice matches perfectly with Kondou-san's voice, and I love that so much”. He was also popular for quickly speaking the summary for the next episode, and the comment related to it said, “You must watch the summary of the next episode which introduces Maruyama Shoten Jargon Collection! Kondo-san is so awesome that he fluently speaks within the time limit every time!”.

The 3rd place was Nagatsuki Yoru from “Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION”. The support rating was approximately 12%.

Nagatuski Yoru is a member of the unit Procellarum. He was popular for the relaxing and caring atmosphere, and comments to him said, “He is like a mother in Procellarum, and I love how hemade a relaxing atmosphere”, “Kondo-san's kind, relaxing singing voice matches perfectly with Yoru-kun's songs. I want him to play Yoru-kun, who is always calm like a full moon, forever”.

■Introducing other commens!
To Midou Torao from “IDOLISH SEVEN”: “He looks like a selfish playboy, but his charm of holding both loneliness and honesty can be felt from his ordinary speaking voice and singing voice”.
Kogitsunemaru from “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-“: “His voice contains elegance, and cuteness, and has a wildness in him when he fights. He expands the character's charm to the fullest”.

Sakamaki Subaru from “DIABOLIK LOVERS”: “His tsundere is super cute! Although he is not honest, he is kind and I feel love for the heroine”.

Avilio Bruno from “91 Days”: “He doesn't show his emotions, but I cannot forget the scene when he tells his true feelings to Nero. I think the gap with his cool behavior was cool”.

A little scary, mysterious, and secretly kind characters gained votes in this survey.

■Overall Ranking
[Who is your favorite character played by Kondou Takashi?]
1st: Hibari Kyouya from “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!”
2nd: Onodera Ritsu from “The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera”
3rd: Nagatsuki Yoru from “Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION”
4th: Midou Torao from “IDOLISH SEVEN”
5th: Ludger Will Kresnik from “Tales of Xillia 2”
6th: Sakamaki Subaru from “DIABOLIK LOVERS”
7th: Kogitsunemaru from “Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-”
8th: Avillio Bruno from “91 Days”
8th: Sugisaki Ken from “Student Council's Discretion”
8th: Train Harnett from “BLACK CAT”
11th: Sai Akuto from “Demon King Daimao”
11th: Hayama Hayato from “My Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected”
13th: Kusuki Mutsuki from “I-Chu”
13th: Claude Claudel from “Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth The Animation”
13th: Shou from “Pretty Prism Aurora Dream”
13th: Hoozuki Mitsuki from “NARUTO”

(Survey Conducted Apr. 30, 2020 to May. 7)