In place of the TV Anime “The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED”, a re-broadcast of “Tsuritama” will commence from Apr. 23, 2020 onward.

“Tsuritama” was originally aired under Fuji TV's “Noitamina” program from Apr. 2012 onward. The same broadcast 8 years ago will be on air again.

The story takes place in Shonan, Enoshima, in Kanagawa Prefecture. The tale follows Sanada Yuki, a socially awkward high school student who has never had any friends before. He meets Haru, self proclaimed alien who comes to Earth to fish, his ill humored classmate, Usami Natsuki, and Akira, an Indian who is always with his duck “Tapioca”. He gets wrapped up in a series of mysterious happenings, all the while enjoying fishing. It is an SF (Seishun “Youth” Fishing – a play on words) story.

The cast behind the socially awkward, glasses, alien and Indian are…

Oosaka Ryota plays the main character Yuki and it is his first TV Anime performance debut worth commemorating. In addition, the extravagant cast also includes Iriya Miyu as the highly energetic alien, Haru, Uchiyama Kouki as the always irritated Natsuki and lastly Sugita Tomokazu as the Indian and the duck.

The staff behind the story with “a unique atmosphere” are…
Director Nakamura Kenji whose repertoire includes “Mononoke”, “Flying Trapeze”, and “Gatchaman Crowds”. Character Designer Uki Atsuya who has worked on the character designs of the “Digimon Adventures tri.” series and directed the movie “Cencoroll”. The assortment of characters such as the alien, Indian and duck that appear in the work are all drawn in a cute and pop style.

The people behind the music that brings colorful emotions to “Tsuritama”'s world are…
The popular rock band “Fujifabric” who are in charge of the OP theme song “Tsurezure Monochrome”. The lyrics and composition were based on the designs and script and includes little Easter eggs such as important characters' names: “Yuki”, “Haru”, “Natsu” and “Aki” within the song itself.

The ED theme is a cover of Spitz's “Soramo Toberuhazu” by a female vocal unit, Sayonara Ponytail. It is an airy tune that matches the world of the animation.