On Apr. 21, 2020, Hello Kitty and Shimajirou have teamed together, starting “Daisuki na Minna to Issho Project (Together with everyone we love)” to make worldwide children smile. Currently on YouTube, “Minna to Issho Taisou (Exercise with everyone)”, a video to support the health of parents and children who are staying inside the home for long hours, is released.

“Daisuki na Minna to Issho Project” is a project led by Hello Kitty from “Sanrio” and Shimajiro from “Kodomo Challenge” to lessen the stress and anxiety of parents and children.

The video “Minna to Issho Taisou” is a video revealed on Apr. 21, taking the anxiety voices of caregivers with little children saying, “Both the parent and child are stressed as time spent at home is getting longer.” and “Children are not moving their body enough, I am worried about the lack of exercise.”
It is not just simple dance-along with the characters that children like, but the exercise, under expert supervision, is designed to grow physical abilities naturally at home upon performing it repeatedly.

This project in the future, to face the current situations, aims to deliver the message of “Although we cannot meet now, we are always together. We support you.” by gathering characters from different companies and cultures over the border. It has already been decided that Kumamon and Cheburashka will take part, the second volume of video will launch after next week.
Also, “Minna to Issho Taisou” will be released in English on Apr. 22, and in Chinese on Apr. 27 for children globally.

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Hello Kitty
Although we are not together, we gathered the feelings together and exercised a lot with Shimajirou and others!
Let's happily move our bodies together, staying healthy at home and spend with a smile♪

I want to exercise happily with everyone!
Everyone, let's become super healthy at home!

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