A “voice-assisted body composition monitor” has been released by Tanita Corporation under the “2020 Gundam and Hello Kitty of Love & Peace”. Pre-orders of a total of 3 models: “Amuro Ray” model, “Char Aznable” model, and “Hello Kitty” model, are available at the Tanita Online Shop.

These are body composition monitors that have voice assistance to guide you through the steps and announce your results. As the product name says, they were inspired by the dream collaboration between “Gundam” and “Hello Kitty”, the “2020 Gundam and Hello Kitty of Love & Peace”.

The “Amuro Ray” model assists you with original lines by Furuya Tooru, the voice actor of Amuro. It turns on with the sound of shooting the “Beam Rifle”, and if it senses high muscle mass or metabolism, it will say lines that will make fans grin such as, “Such muscle mass, I see why father was so obsessed.” Also, the coloring of the device is white, just like Gundams nickname “the white one of the Federation”, and has a large emblem of the Earth Federation designed on it.

The “Char Aznable” model containes original lines recorded by Ikeda Shuuichi, the voice actor of Char. It turns on with the Mono-eye activating sound , and when it senses excess visceral fat, it also will say lines that will excite fans such as, “It’s not easy to admit…to the folly of neglecting you own health…” The device is colored with a metallic red color, inspired by the “Red Comet” Char, and has a large emblem of the Zeon army.

The “Hello Kitty” model will assist you with newly recorded lines by Hello Kitty. When it determines you have standard level body fat percentages, it will praise you by saying, “You look fabulous! Let's keep up the great work!” and when it detects high body fat percentages, it will say, “There's no short cut in losing weight. You have to do what you can.” The device is inspired by “Kitty-chan trying to look mature” and is colored with a pearl white color and a pink accent, making it a “mature/cute” design.

Each product is priced at 22,000JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available until May 17, and shipping is expected after Sep. Check out the special webpage for further information.

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