Until now, a lot of China cosplayers have attended events in Japan, and their high-quality cosplay has become a hot topic. In the massive population China, rookies are appearing one after one, earning popularity in a short period.

“Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World” Rem (Bunny Girl Ver.) 【Click image for the photo gallery】
水淼aqua is also an anticipated super rookie that shows the best quality cosplay, although her cosplay career is less than one year and a half long. The Twitter account that started at Mar. 2019 now has approx. 160 thousand followers (by Apr.14, 2020).

With a short interview, this article will deliver cosplay photos of her who have never attended events in Japan.

―― In which part of China are you living?

水淼aqua: I am living in Xi'an. There are lots of places to explore for delicious foods, please come visit us!

―― What is the reason behind starting a cosplay? How long has it past since?

水淼aqua: I loved characters from the anime and games, it has been one year and a half since the thought that I would like to become the character itself both in looks and mind. I mostly take part in studio photograph session and I rarely attend to events. But, I want to try my best to attend events from now.

―― Could you tell us about your favorite anime or games?

水淼aqua: For games, I usually enjoy playing “Azur Lane” and “Diablo 3”. For anime, I love all genres from a mild and delicate to passionate and expressive, so I had watched a lot of animes.

―― What is the distinctive feature of expression about your cosplay?

水淼aqua:I really don't have any definite posing or facial expressions. For the cosplay, it is important to change the expressions and movements to become a character itself. Maybe, a handsome look is my appealing point?… It's a joke! (Laughing)

―― Is there anything that you expect from a photographer when taking a photo?

水淼aqua: I prefer a photographerwith a similar sense and idea of the photo that I want. This only leaves minor editing after the photograph has started. Another would be someone who allows me to get engaged with my character. This is because I lose concentration if I am instructed with too much posing.

―― Is there any memorable moments of cosplay until now?

水淼aqua: It would be the moment when I took a cosplay photoshoot of Do-S from “One-Punch Man”. I accidentally had candle wax spilled over my back, so I went to a hospital straight after the photoshoot. It was horrible because it would have been a life-time scar if I arrived slightly later. (Laughing)

Do-S from “One-Punch Man” 【Click image for the photo gallery】
―― What is the cosplay that sparked your popularity among people?

水淼aqua: It is Atago from “Azur Lane” (Racing Queen Ver.). I personally feel like this was the cosplay that reached over the personal limit. I am thinking that getting known by a lot of people is a reward behind numerous efforts that I have put into.

―― Could you please tell about your future goals?

水淼aqua:I want to cosplay a lot of characters from “Azur Lane” and “Fate/Grand Order”. I would like to enhance my posing or expressions to the next level, giving a vivid impression when I am taking a photo shoot. I will try my best!

Also, I have visited Japan 5 times already. Yet, I have not visited a single “Comic Market” event, I really want to attend it next time.

Formidable from “Azur Lane” 【Click image for the photo gallery】
Image provided by: 水淼aqua(@aqua28551264)