Kitaro is a Chinese cosplayer who gathered much attention for her cuteness at “Comic Market 96”. Though living in China, she also was a cosplayer for the company booth at “Tokyo Game Show 2019” and took part in many photo sessions, rapidly increasing her activities in Japan.

Kitaro has received the grand prize of “Next Generation Cosplayers’ National Audition” held by “PP Enterprise” and now belongs to the production. This being the same production as Enako who has top-class popularity in Japan, and the expectation of her future work in Japan is rapidly increasing.

The Chinese cosplayers who came to Japan in recent years have been compared to “the Black Ship” due to their high-quality cosplays. However, there are only a handful of famous chinese cosplayers who have also gained the same popularity in Japan. They already have worked hard to pay her dues, it may be difficult for them to put in the same hard work starting from scratch again in Japan.

Can Kitaro succeed in Japan?
There have been no concerns to be seen in the several interviews conducted. She is attractive not only for her looks and charm. Kitaro has a strong will and I believe her sincere attitude toward work will lead to her success in Japan. While having a lot of potential, she is still in the position to reach for top-class in China. This is the best time to expand her activities to Japan. She is more of a “Rising Star” than “the Black Ship”.

Here is the interview of Kitaro with some photos of her at the “Charity Photo Session vol.2” held by Enako on Nov. 4.

――How many times have you visited Japan?

Kitaro: I think it’s the ninth time. “Comic Market 96” brought up the number.

――Why did you apply for the “Next Generation Cosplayers’ National Audition”?

Kitaro: A big part was that I always adored Enako-san. She is so popular in China.
We had many conversations since I received the prize and thought that it would be just right for expanding my cosplay activities in Japan.

――Did you get any advice from Enako-san about working in Japan?

Kitaro: I’m still learning my Japanese and the conversations are quite difficult… But there is much to learn from Enako-san’s attitude towards work.

――Could you give us an example?

Kitaro: When Enako-san was interviewed she was very calm and answered the questions seriously. Her sincere attitude toward work is amazing. She is a completely different person when at photo sessions and on the stage.

――You have been taking part in more photo sessions in Japan. Are photo sessions in China any different?

Kitaro: Except for the atmosphere, the format of the sessions is different. In China, one-on-one sessions last longer. There are sessions with many photos allowed and ones with only a few photos are allowed. Also, another difference I’ve noticed is that the photographers in Japan are fast at taking pictures. More time is put into each photo in China.

――Did you notice any difference between the events you’ve participated in Japan and China?

Kitaro: Since I participated mostly in Japanese Dojin events, it’s hard for me to make a comparison with the overall events in China. I was amazed by the peoples’ good manners and the variety of cosplays in Japan. Many characters from not only the trending works but also the classics. Events in China have developed in recent years, but the cosplays are mostly from trending animes and games.

――Tell us how you decided your costume for this photo session.

Kitaro: Elizabeth is my favorite character from “The Seven Deadly Sins” but I never had the chance to wear her costume in China, so I thought of doing her cosplay.

There is also a Chinese version of “Monster Strike”, and I chose my favorite character Gabriel from the series.

――Lastly, please tell us your aspiration for your activities in Japan.

Kitaro: Japan is a country in which cosplay has taken root. I hope to become a cosplayer favored by many people in this country where cosplay was born. I will try my best to excite people through my cosplay just as I was when I first saw cosplay.

Photos: Nogi Akira(@Osefly)