Season 2 (Episode 13) of the TV Anime “No Guns Life” is announced to be delayed from the scheduled broadcast on Apr. 9, 2020. Regarding the cause of the delay, the official website explained, “Due to the spread on the infection of the Novel Coronavirus 'COVID-19'.”

“No Guns Life” is originally a Science Fiction and Hard-boiled manga by Karasuma Tasuku and is currently serialized on Monthly “Ultra Jump” (Shueisha).
The setting of works is on a world filled with the cyborg “Extended” and human. The Extended with a huge Gun as its head, Inui Juzo works as a “Resolver” to deal with problems regarding with Extended. One day, he received a request to protect the young boy Tetsurou from the kidnapper that is being chased by the police. Because of that, Juzo became involved with the largest corporation, who is controlling the town, Berühren Corp.

As of now, the broadcast date of the delayed “No Guns Life: Season 2 is yet to be announced. Once the new broadcast schedule is decided, the announcement will be made. At the same time, due to the delayed of the Season 2, “No Guns Life” will be re-broadcast from episode 1 “Renegade Extended” from Apr. 9 onward.

(C)Karasuma Tasuku/Shueisha・NGL PROJECT