A new teaser visual and staff information from the new season of the TV anime “World Trigger” have been released. Also, the comment from the series director Hatano Morio also arrived.

“World Trigger” is originally the sci-fi manga by Ashihara Daisukethat has been serialized in “Jump Square”. The story depicts the struggle between the invader from the outside world called “Neighbor” and the border guard agency called “Border”. It gains wide support from the fans since its serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, and it continues to gain popularity even after it switched the magazine.
TV anime has been produced by Toei Animation, and the previous series had been broadcast from Oct. 2014 to Apr. 2016 with a total of 73 episodes. This season is a sequel to it, and broadcast on TV Asahi have been decidedi.

The teaser visual for the new season illustrates the captains of Border Rank-B troops, including Mikumo Osamu, Ikoma Tatsuhito, Ouji Kazuaki, Yumiba Takuma, and Katori Youko. The design raises the expectation for the beginning of a new battle, where they challenge the Rank-B battles.
The attacks by the large troops of Galoupla and the rivals of the Border competing with one another make the story even fascinating. The expectation increases toward the new season.

Furthermore, in a special content which will be released in the YouTube channel of Toei Animation, more information will be released while it shows the familiar casts of “World Trigger”.
The re-broadcast of the 1st season begins on BS Asahi from Apr. 3, 2020. The episodes will be broadcast continually every Friday from 11:00 pm, so it is a great opportunity to rewatch before the new season.

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【Hatano Morio, the series director】
I am honored to see the fans of World Trigger. My name is Hatano, and I as a series director. I am honored to be able to deliver the new animation of “World Trigger”, and I am earnestly working on it. Hyuse, Kakizaki, Katori, Ikoma, Ouji, Yumiba, Obijima, etc… please wait for those wonderful characters by Ashihara-sensei begins to move together with wonderful casts and staff.

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