A new season of TV anime “World Trigger” has been announced, and confirmed to be broadcast on TV Asahi. Author Ashihara Daisuke and voice cast Nakamura Tomo, Kaji Yuki, Tamura Nao, Nakamura Yuichi, and Shimazaki Nobuo commented on the announcement of the new season.

“World Trigger” is based on same-name manga serialized in the magazines “Weekly Shonen Jump” and “Jump Square” by author Ashihara Daisuke. It's a Sci-Fi action that outlines the Border, an agency created to fight off invaders from another world, the Neighbors.The story starts with the meeting of Kuga Yuuma, a young Neighbor, and Mikumo Osamu, a Border trainee, four years after the invasion of the Neighbors through the “Gate”.

While Mikumo Unit is busy in the B-class Rank Battles fighting for a position in the Expedition Force, the HQ is raided by Galopoula ordered by the largest military state in the Neighbor World, Aftokrator. The curtains of a new chapter at the Border are about to open.

Will Galopoula's invasion be stopped? As more information regarding the upcoming new season of “World Trigger” comes out, expectations keep on rising.

(author Ashihara Daisuke)
It's been one year since the first publication on “Jump Square”, I couldn't be happier about the announcement of production for the sequel to the first season. The anime was able to be produced thanks to the fans. Please watch over me as I'll try my best at my own pace next year as well.

(Kuga Yuma/Nakamura Tomo)
I'm so excited about the new season! I'm also glad I'm able to meet everyone again! I'll do my best while holding a trigger in my hand. Gotta eat more chicken curry.

(Mikumo Osamu/Kaji Yuki)
I'm happy that I have the opportunity to play Osamu in the anime again. Please do re-watch the series while you wait for the next season! Trigger on!!

(Amatori Chika/Tamuro Nao)

I'm very happy to be able to voice Chika again. Please look forward to the next season!

(Jin Yuichi/Nakamura Yuichi)

I hope to bring my performance into a mix of original scenes from the manga and new scenarios specially made for the anime. I can already tell through my Side Effect that all of the fans are eagerly waiting for the new season.

(Hyuse/Shimasaki Nobuo)

The previous season ended in with Hyuse in a pretty interesting spot. That's why I'm extremely happy about voicing him again. I'll do my very best to deliver a promising Hyuse for everyone.

(C)Ashihara Daisuke/Shueisha・Toei Animation