Japanese mystery adventure game “Ken ga Kimi” will be adopted in a stage play. The title of the play is “Ken ga Kimi-Zanou no Mai”. It will be performed at Theater 1010 in Tokyo from Jul. 8, 2020.

“Ken ga Kimi” is the adventure game by Rejet, and released as the games for Windows in 2013. It gained high popularity mainly from the female fans with beautiful and delicate illustrations and emotional stories.
In 2015, “Ken ga Kimi for V” for PSVita has been released, and in 2016, as a sequel, “Ken ga Kimi: Byakuya Tsuzuri” has also been released. Moreover, in 2019, the app “Ken ga Toki” has been released, and the collaboration with “Ken ga Kimi” characters became a hot topic.

The premium pre-lottery application has started for limited numbers ticket in Rejet's official online shop called “SKiT Dolce”.

The play “Ken ga Kimi: Zanou no Mai” will be performed in Theater 1010 from Jul. 8, 2020 to Jul. 12.